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Mother’s Daughter

When we are children, we learn how to be do and have usually by watching our mother’s. I am proud and grateful that I had an amazing example in my mother. This Mother’s Day will be our 5th Mother’s Day separated in the physical realm. We spent every Mother’s Day together while she was on earth. This edition of Mommy Matters is all about honoring mothers. I would like to share with you some of the words I spoke about my mother at her memorial service as I honor her this Mother’s Day and every day… I am who I am because I AM my Mother’s daughter.

“Anne Penn is my best friend. She is my mummy and my strength. She is my first-love and my hero. She is my example of pure love and my rock. Anne Penn is my motivation and my encouragement. She is my joy and my laughter. She is my peace in the time of storms and my right hand to help pick me up when I’m down. She is my help and my hope. She is my trust and my truth. Anne Penn is my example of how to love and how to laugh. Anne Penn is my role model of how to live and how to enjoy life. She is my She-Ro and my light.

My mummy loved life and it was evident to all who were blessed with the opportunity to know her intimately and casually. She is the reason I smile every day because every morning that I am blessed to wake up and I reflect on the blessing of Anne Penn being my mummy, my heart gratefully acknowledges that the best mummy in the world was given to me, and I to her.

My mummy loved her children and her grandchildren. She is the best mother and grandmother and she poured all of her love, compassion, encouragement, friendship and assistance into us. After a pep-talk with mummy, you felt like there was nothing that you could not accomplish. Her encouragement left you strengthened and positive and energized.

She was fearless and a fighter. My mummy loved positive energy. She exuded it and she drew it unto herself. She knew how to manage her life and her space. She knew how to get what she wanted and how to say what she wanted. And she taught me how to do this and I am so grateful for the lesson.

Denika Carothers

Senior Managing Editor