RAMzine Issue 2 - Apr. 2015 - Page 7

circle pits to Hammerfest. There’s nothing like some hard angry rock to cleanse the soul. The crowd stretching as far as the eye can see, this band set a great tone for an evening of beer, headbanging and metal horns. The crowd chant ’Speedhorn, Speedhorn, Speedhorn...’. ‘How the f*ck did everyone Orange Goblin get here? We are in the horrific though his lyrics and trademark middle of nowhere’ they vocals. Seeing Dani dressed in his Nu Rocks, say. That is part of the beauty of Hammerfest, and ripped black clothing, nostalgia comes you are surrounded by beautiful scenery. ‘This rushing to me, thinking about the 00’s goff is the cool thing about Hammerfest’ they tell attire we used to all wear. I like a band that the crowd about the caravan they are staying in. ‘We are in number 16, tell everyone there have a uniform, and Devilment are one of is a party, and bring the weed’. They play ‘Halthose bands. Every band member is dressed fway to Hell’, the alcohol is flowing, the pits and painted in black. The first track is ‘Even are open, and there is a general sense of Rock Your Blood Group Rejects Me’. The crowd, fist and Metal appreciation in pumping in sync, you the room. It’s fast paced, can feel the exciting, “THIS IS THE LAST SONG it’s aggressive, but Raging occult like atmosSpeedhorn are like your phere. The crowd, AND IT’S DEDICATED TO ALL mates having a laugh and now in-sync nodding. Dani perfects the Evil THE BEAUTIFUL SHEEP... ER.... a great time. With the last chance pit, the circle is in Laugh and scream, WOMEN” -DANI FILTH full spin. to the point where I Orange Goblin arrive with question how a man their Motorhead-esq mid-‘70s classic can produce a scream that high. There is no rock. They play ‘Devils Whip