RAMzine Issue 1 - Feb. 2015 - Page 13

£5k. I might ruffle feathers with that, but I just think it’s a little strange when bands ask their fans for that much money. You certainly have some interesting points there! No doubt fans will go out and buy ‘Time and Trauma’. This album in particular we felt a real connection with, we really felt an emotional intensity, where did that come from? It was an emotional record for me because I wrote it about the passing of my mum, that was a huge blow to my life. She was a huge supporter of our band and all the boys were real close with my mum, it was difficult. My mum passed away when she was 58, so she was way too young. So, I wrote a full, 2-3 years of stuff trying to heal and process that entire growing period of dealing with a lost parent, and realising that we are not here forever. It’s a difficult thing to not be able to give my mum a call, and things of that nature so, it’s the most important lyrical content that I’ve ever had for myself. I thought that I was doing things to help myself before, and get things off my chest, but it didn’t have the gravity that this album does. I know it doesn’t. Overall we did think that the album was quite uplifting especially toward the end, where do you feel that rise of it came from? I kind of feel the opposite about it a little bit, only in the sense that I always try and do those things. I’ve always tried to work on these negative things in my life, and find a positive, and find some sort of empowering way out of it. This album is more just coming to terms, and accepting and that can be positive as well. Sometimes you just dwell on something that is so negative, you can never find peace with it, that’s not good. I’m glad you think it has that feel because I want that, but the subject matter is so definitive, so final that there is no way out of it. There is a way to heal from it, and as time goes on I think we do, we accept and we learn and we grow. That’s the process of life. This album really means something, which is great. A lot of people listen to music to help them through stuff, and it helped you too. So, overall it’s a great healing album. I appreciate that, everyone has been so positive so far, it’s really great. ‘Time and Trauma’ is released February 16th 36 Crazyfists Time & Trauma Steve Jackson Spinefarm Records As a fan of the band I am pleased to confirm that 36 Crazyfists have returned and they are on fire. My first impression upon listening to ‘Time and Trauma’ is that of a band which sound fully re-energised, their identity has been rediscovered and they are firmly doing what they do best. For a band that has always been slowly progressing their sound ‘Time and Trauma’ may seem like a step back in their evolution. This is not an album that will be breaking down any new musical boundaries; it is not a very adventurous album. However it is an album that is incredibly well written and will be lapped up by their fans (hopefully gaining some more along the way). This is easily their finest album since ‘A Snow Capped Romance’, one that every fan the moment it starts will be punching the air in delight. The music is far more groove orientated than the previous 2 albums. It’s a combination of the angry stomp of ‘Bitterness the Star’ and the emotional impact of ‘A Snow Capped Romance’. While the songs are not epic in length they are epic in their scope. Diving from bludgeoning heavy riffs that will send mosh pits into a frenzy, to grand soaring choruses with effortless ease. It is clear that 36 Crazyfists are playing fully to their strengths, highly emotive yet heavy songs. The rhythm section has retained that hardcore groove, while the guitar furiously buzzes around, all wrapped up by the instantly identifiable vocals of Brock Lindow. While it is all well and good returning to what you do best, it is ultimately the songs that stand the test of time. This is where ‘Time and Trauma’ truly shines, the songs are just simply incredibly well written and as a collective group of songs they flow effortlessly from one to the other. There is an emotional intensity to the music that leaves you exhausted but very much uplifted at the end of the album. No song on the album sums this up better than ‘Also Am I’, it is truly a stunning song and could quite possibly be the best song they have ever written (yes that’s right, its that damn good). Will ‘Time and Trauma‘ bring the success which 36 Crazyfists deserve is hard to tell, it certainly deserves too. In a sea of carbon copy acts and mechanical metal by numbers, 36 Crazyfists have delivered an album that is very real, organic and emotionally engaging. 13