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What Will You Learn Today ? What Will You Learn Today ?

Annual Report 2021-2022

What Will You Learn Today ? What Will You Learn Today ?

The 2021-2022 school year saw a return to what we typically think of as " normal ." Though circumstances of the pandemic continued to warrant considerations impacting our health and safety plan as well as our daily procedures and protocols , we were able to hold school in person , without interruption , the entire school year . Staff and students were BACK TOGETHER and ready to MOVE FORWARD ! Not only did we MOVE FORWARD , we MOVED BEYOND to embrace lessons learned and incorporate newly acquired skills . Teaching during a pandemic afforded us opportunities otherwise not imagined . These learning experiences will continue to impact the way we " do school ."
Our District mission , vision , and beliefs , outlined in our comprehensive plan , guide us in all we do ! We take pride in our commitment to data-driven , quality instruction and in providing safe , nurturing environments for our staff and students . We maintain a focus on equitable opportunities , inclusive environments , and preparing students for lifelong success . We
We cultivate an inclusive community of learners empowered to grow intellectually , socially , and emotionally
Innovative teaching for lifelong learning




We believe in preparing students to be FUTURE READY . We believe in schools that are SAFE and SUPPORTIVE . We believe in a shared responsibility and PARTNERSHIPS .
recognize and appreciate the value of our community and the opportunities provided that allow us to thrive and flourish .
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