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Interview :

Choosing to work with animals was the aftermath of growing up surrounded by pets and starting horse riding at a young age. There is a sense of responsibility introduced at the exact moment when you are presented with a puppy, a kitten or a fish; when you are asked to maneuver an animal as large as a horse and ask it to perform a jump or some ground exercise for you. I personally believe that a developed empathy is the core capacity that permits you to work with animals. You learn how to understand their emotions. You have to guess how they feel and what they want as they do not have the wide range of facial expressions that we do, nor the ability to speak. As a result, you become more understanding with the people around you too. Imagine it as learning a different language, once you learn it then all of a sudden you are able to communicate somehow differently.

This month you will meet Spiros Papadopoulos. He has already a Bachelor in Equine Dental Science and he run his own company "Attica Equine" . He did riding in competitive level, since he was very young and he has the mentality that working with animals is amazing. Let's meet Spiros and hear about his unique experience:

8 Psychologized / April 2014