Psychologized vol 1 | Page 9

A new experience and a new world opens, suddenly you are not afraid of the next strange challenge or the one after it because you already encountered something different to others, you cease to be close minded or cruel and all that because you now understand others. It is sometimes in human nature to get a bit cruel and this is where interaction with someone less powerful teaches us respect, compassion and patience. I find my job as rewarding as any other profession that involves working with production animals or pets. It is through the nature of my job that I have developed skills that other people might be missing. It is through working with such gentle creatures that I learn not to abuse my authority and it is through the nature of my work that I am learning new things every time, including avoiding a kick or two. " Accidents and their management are in the game too, I suppose that counts as constant development and self improvement. *laughter*"

Psychologized / April 2014 9