PROMAG Vol 22 no 1 - Page 8

news LEONARDO HIMSELF WOULD HAVE LOVED THE DA VINCI AV INSTALLATION Next time you are driving south on the N1 remember to glance to your left as you pass under Beyers Naudé Avenue. You will see an imposing structure rising up from the banks of the Fairland Spruit like a giant ocean liner. If you think that First National Bank’s Fairlands Campus is spectacular, then you will be totally blown away by the Da Vinci boardroom contained within that elegant exterior. The Da Vinci boardroom was not part of the architects’ original design, but in late 2013 the need for a multi-functional boardroom arose, and another space was converted into a boardroom. FNB Online gave Paul Lowther, CEO of Lowther Communications, the commission to handle the AV side of the project; in particular the control and distribution of multiple sources of Video and Audio with Teleconferencing. “Part of the brief was to provide for both analogue and digital inputs to the seated delegates,” says Paul “so we provided simple to operate fliptop access points for laptops”. Paul’s engineers integrated a push-button into each of the fliptops; these push-buttons control and toggle between various functions and inputs, simply by holding them in for longer or shorter periods. The desk mount flip-tops offer HDMI, VGA, dual LAN and dual 15Amp power points. The perfectly square room and table design, with seating for 26 people, posed its own challe