Project activities in details: "THINK" Think - planning our tasks - Page 2

Name of the project activity: How to make real friends? Activity 1. Introduce yourself Why to do it? (​ aims of the task): ● to break the ice; ● students get to know each other; ● to build the eTwinning team; ● student will learn how to add content on the Padlet wall. How to do it? What are children going to do? ● students will present themselves on the Padlet; ● they will tell about their hobbies, likes and dislikes; ● they will read other students’ presentations and comment under each publication. Teaching methods: In what way? How children will work? ● induvidual work Tools to do the task, resources ● Activity 2.Create partners' visit card Why to do it? (​ aims of the task): ● learn about European community (EU): European flag, anthem, slogan. ● students will get to know the geographical location of of the countries involved in the project; where are our partners on the map of Europe; ● learn about national symbols of the European countries; ● learn about the native town of project partners and some places of interest;