Project activities in details: "THINK" Think - planning our tasks

Project plan in details Name of the project activity: ​ Stay Safe Online Why to do it? (​ aims of the task): ● to educate responsible use of the Internet; ● students will learn e-Safety and netiquette rules; ● they will aware of Copyright issues: students will learn how to find free images, music and information -​ ; they will learn to use search engines for children: ​ How to do it? What are children going to do? ● students will suggest and discuss e-Safety and Netiquette rules to be used in our TwinSpace classroom while working on the project, as well as rules for staying safe while working on the Internet. ● students will prepare masks to cover their faces when they take pictures or make movies that will be published in the Project diary, public pages of the project, YouTube, etc. in order to disseminate the project results. In this way students won’t be recognisable. ● Students will selebrate “Safer Internet day” and play the quiz about e-Safety: ​ Teaching methods: ● ​ discussion; ● online test In what way? How children will work? ● panel discussion; ● individual work -test Tools to do the task, resources ● ● ● ●