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Estella ' s Brilliant Bus Estella Mims Pyfrom Mobile Instructional Technology Training for Under served Children Palm Beach , Florida Summer 2017


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Estella Pyfrom was a 2-time rec1p1ent of Global Recognition by Who ' s Who and is listed among Honorees who are posted in the 2012 GLOBAL Directory ofWHO ' S WHO for hard work , dedication , perseverance and for demonstrating leadership and achievement in their occupation , industry or profession .
Estella is married to Willie R . Pyfrom , a veteran Band Director with Palm Beach County School District , who in his retirement days is still teaching music part-time at Highland Elementary School in Palm Beach County . Together Estella and Willie are the proud parents of four well-adjusted children , thirteen grandchildren and two great-grandchildren . All four of her children have excelled personally and professionally .
Their oldest son , Gene A Pyfrom , is a retired Manager of a Gymnastic facility for which he was the owner . Their second oldest son , Colonel Juan A . Pyfrom , earned a Jurist Doctorate Degree in International Law and is a JAGG Officer in the United States Army . Their oldest daughter , Dr . Karen Abrams , is the Principal of Pahokee Elementary School in Pahokee , Florida . And their youngest daughter , Mia L . Pyfrom , is working as a support staff at Turning Point Alternative School with Palm Beach County School District .