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Program Success 18 Summer 2017
Estella ' s Brilliant Bus Estella Mims Pyfrom Mobile Instructional Technology Training for Under served Children Palm Beach , Florida Summer 2017
The second oldest of six daughters and one son , Estella ' s father , Roy L . Mims , was a migrant worker , a crew leader and a camp manager for many years . Her father migrated to the north , with his family and transported many other poor families as a contractor , to harvest produce during the summer months . He traveled for more than eighteen years , transporting migrant workers , by driving trucks and buses to the camps . As they traveled to the north to harvest produce , her father never left his family behind . Both parents were industrious individuals and were considered Migrant Pioneers of the time . Neither parent had more than a fourth grade education . Estella ' s mother traveled to assist her husband with the crew and operated a sandwich wagon during working hours in the fields .
As an adult , Estella worked very hard in her community and was a dedicated wife and mother to her children and other children in her neighborhood circle . Estella was the Glades ' Area Representative on the Palm Beach County Comprehensive Board of Directors for Mental Health and is responsible for bringing mental health services to the Glades area . Estella served on the Board of County Commission on the Status of Women for four years . She was a National and State Supervisor for Girls ' Clubs and a Girl Scout Troop Leader for several years . She served as President of several local community organizations , and is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority , Inc . and a faithful member of her local church .