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to do so . This proves the point that so long as the Black community continually disrespects itself , others will continue to view the collective black community as inferior and will handle the group of people as insignificant , non-humans they can treat any way they see fit at will ... that idea of careless treatment sounds a lot like the real definition of a " n ** ga ". The word n ** ger / n ** ga is linked to a racist past and that is NEVER going to change . To entertain the ridiculous idea that the context of this word can be changedlet alone the desire to want to even try-is ludicrous and asinine at its best . The context of its history is going to forever remain intact .
Black Americans Betray Forefathers with use of the N-word H . Lewis Smith Samuel L . Jackson Jacksonville , Florida April 2015
Many twisted and irrational arguments have been advanced in a feeble attempt to justify use of the n-word . One of which is that those who fight against its use live in the past and are unable to let go of it , while proponents of the term say they have freed themselves from the past and given the n-word a new meaning . The truth of the matter is those proponents of the term will go to any length to cover up their act of ignorance for their use of the vile word . Their justifications for use of the term shows that they are in DENIAL about all that took place relative to the sinister baggage that comes along with this word . If any argument can be made , it should be that proponents of the term are mentally incapacitated and too inertia to overcome their use of it .
Black America ' s present day use of the n-word is symbolic of an 18th century slave mentality and has no place in this 21st century for liberated-minded people . Descendants of those victimized and dehumanized by this pejorative term who want to keep this word alive in this 21st century by embracing it are committing blasphemy to the sacred memories , struggles and sacrifices of their forefathers .
As a GROUP , the non-use of the n-word should be a no-brainer . Black / African-Americans should ALL be on the same page about this because , collectively , whenever that word is openly used by any person of color , it serves as a reflection on the entire race of people . No matter whose mouthblack or non-black-the n-word idiom flows from , nothing cerebral , honorable , dignified , prideful or self-respectful exists from being submissive to and tolerant of its use .
While many in the Black community work to try to become a once-again united , self-respecting race of people with a positive perception and conviction of self within and without the community , others have sold out at the expense of the collective group . As this internal conflict wages within Black America , slick-teethed businessmen like Quentin Tarantino are laughing all the way to the bank with his highest grossed moneymaking movie ever . Offering a very veiled perception of slave life and a million and one more ways to allow the n-word term to roll off one ' s lips , Black America was left with a feel good moment about a make-believe Django ' s prowess who rides off in the sunset with his woman after etherea11y shooting up a bunch of white folks . Where was the real homage paid to the Black / African-American and his survival of a gargantuan struggle ?
Taking its cue from the music industry ' s global promotion , marketing and commercializing of the n-word , the door is now open for more such films to be made once again using Black America as sacrificial pawns and all with Black America ' s approval . Black / African-American forefathers have to be rolling over in their graves with utter disgust at the behavior of their descendants .
H . Lewis Smith is the founder and president of UVCC , the United Voices for a Common Cause , Inc . ( www . theunitedvoices . com ) and author of " Bury that Sucka : A Scandalous Love Affair with the N-Word ". Follow him on Twitter : www . twitter . com / thescoopl