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Black Americans Betray forefathers with use of the �-word

By : H . L . Smith
Black Americans Betray Forefathers with use of the N-word H . Lewis Smith Samuel L . Jackson Jacksonville , Florida April 2015
Samuel L . Jackson tries to force reporter to use the " N-word " http :// www . youtube . corn / watch ? f eature =p layer _ embedded & v = qQ dYM0ZzOEI hen Samuel L . Jackson sat down with film critic Jake Hamilton to discuss Quentin Tarantino ' s Django Unchained , Hamilton had a question that he wanted to ask Jackson relative to the n-word . But Jackson , who plays a Sambo , Uncle Tom prototype in the film , refused to answer the question unless Hamilton actually said the word " n ** ger " in its full enunciation-and not a censored , more politically correct , less offensive metaphor of the term . After Hamilton refused to say n ** ger several times , Jackson retorted : " We ' re not going to have this conversation unless you say it ." The nervous Jake Hamilton still refused to be coerced into saying the vile and sinister term . Jackson finally relented and asked : " You want to move on to another question ?" A deeply relieved Hamilton responded affirmatively .
Any self-respecting Black / African-American who is proud of him / herself and their ancestry is incapable of seeing him or herself as a n ** g�n ** ger , an ? would become appalled almost ( if not certainly ) to the pomt of physical contest if anyone referred to them as such . It is because this type of enlightened , self-dignified individual has transcended such an inferior state of mind , and now , instead , owns the rightful higher perception of self and toys with no one who approaches them at any other affirmed level of understanding . On the other hand , only an Uncle Tom sellout and / or ignorant inferior-minded individual lies fully relaxed and engulfed in the idea of being a n ** ger / n ** ga and finds it humorous and acceptable to encourage others to the same '.
Lisa Lampanelli , a white stand-up comedian and insult comic known for her racy and controversial style of comedy-same as Chris Rock and Katt Williams , recently tweeted on Twitter : " Me with my n ** ga @ Lenaham of @ HBOGirls - I love this beyotch !!" ( sic ). The Black community understandably was so outraged and all up in arms about
�isa ' s blatant and contemptible act . But , in retrospect , Black America ' s response is also hypocritical , profoundly irrational and infantile . Black America ' s actions , which shall be referred to as the Jackson Syndrome , on one hand unsoundly gives everyone in the universe a pass to use the n-word , but then when someone outside the Black community uses the word , African-Americans have the audacity to become indignant . Truly , something unnatural and abnormal exists when it comes to this scenario ; this line of thinking is tantamount to an individual throwing a rock through someone ' s window , and then when someone throws a rock back into that individual ' s window , they cannot understand how something of that sort could have come about .
The stage has been set for some time . Just dating back to as recently as Michael " Kramer " Richards and Don Imus , to currently , nothing has changed . The alarm was sounded back then , but evidently Black America was not listening , failed to pay attention to the significance of these acts , or was simply indifferent to the matters . Black America must wake up and realize that even small pebbles-if thrown often enough , long enough , and with enough force-can have significant , irreversible effects . Situations that seem to be oneoff ' s and carry no impact at all will eventually be the exposed Achilles tendon that brings down the black community once and for all .
Black / African-Americans continually refuse to hold one another accountable for their own actions-thinking nothing of always pulling a Jackson Syndrome , and continually come up with something asinine to support use of the n-word . They go so far as to say that it ' s okay or acceptable for blacks to use the n-word , unacceptable for non-blacks to use it , but then all at the same time encourage others to use it ANYWAY through their own use of the term in daily interactions , music lyrics and other forms of entertainment . If someone was to create a situation comedy based on the actions of Black America and its use of the n-word
' it would make the all-time ding-a-ling list .
This is the 21st century but yet racism still exists , and it seems as though Black / African-American proponents of the n-word insist on feeding the flames of racism by promoting , marketing and commercializing the term . Truth be told , their use of the n-word keeps the hate , inferior-superior mindset distinction , and inequality and racial disrespect at the forefront of everyone ' s minds that the term long ago was created to represent . Recently , a white passenger on board a Delta Airline flight was annoyed by a crying black child sitting next to him on his mother ' s lap . The irate passenger had the unmitigated gaul to reach over and slap the child in the face , calling the child a n ** ger in the process .
Everything about the passenger ' s actions was unacceptable , but he did it because he felt he had the right