Professional Sound - August 2017 | Page 17

Sound Dymax Celebrates 40 Years Toronto-based AV design and install company Sound Dymax is celebrating its 40 th anniversary in 2017. Founded in 1977 by Richard Kuris, the company got its start as an importer and maker of small consoles for wedding DJs. That business evolved into selling the consoles to retail stores and DJs and then installing sound and lighting systems for nightclubs. “Saturday Night Fever – it had a great impact. That was the tran- sition for us from DJ equipment and we saw the potential for this club culture that was expanding and a market that had to be ser- viced. So we started to design and install – again within the Ontario market and proximity to Toronto,” recalls Kuris to Professional Sound, adding they soon took jobs in Russia, Ukraine, South America, and New York. From nightclubs, Sound Dymax grew by referral to other in- dustries, and relationships with suppliers in the 1990s also got Kuris interested in mass notification. “We got asked to bid on the Vancouver airport; we subsequently prevailed and installed their complete PA system with eight languages,” he says. “From that, we got asked to bid on Calgary airport and that was a four-year project and we just fin- ished the new terminal and retroed the old terminal and we became, I would say, pretty well established in mass notification.” Now with a staff of 12 headquartered in Mississauga, ON, Sound Dymax has stayed focused on its core markets of fitness centres, restaurants and entertainment establishments, and mass notification. For more information, contact Sound Dymax: 905-238-0174, [email protected], THE CURRENT SOUND DYMAX FACILITY THE ORIGINAL DYMAX MD-1 FROM THE 1970S PROFESSIONAL SOUND 17