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Clear Tune Monitors ORUN Series Bone Conduction Headphones
Clear Tune Monitors has introduced the ORUN Series into its product line of headphones . Designed to ensure the ultimate level of awareness and comfort – without compromising on premium sound – ORUN Series are wireless , open ear sport headphones , perfect for runners , cyclists , hikers and more .
Using Bone Conduction Audio Technology , the ORUN1 and ORUN2 utilize transducers that convert audio data to vibrations which travel along the user ’ s cheekbone to the inner ear . Since the headphones emit vibrations to the inner ear , the user can feel each note and every beat for a new way of enjoying their favourite content . And because the ear is not covered or closed off the user can safely move about in his or her environment while hearing external noises such as traffic . The lightweight , wraparound titanium frame keeps the headphones stable and in place during use . The ORUN1 is IPX6 water-resistant and provides up to 5.5 hours of use on a single charge . The slightly bigger frame ORUN2 has a water resistance rating of IPX7 and gets up to 8 hours of use . Both ORUN Series products operate on the Bluetooth 5.0 frequency band to ensure fast and reliable performance .
For more information , contact Clear Tune Monitors : 407-888-8103 , customerservice @ cleartunemonitors . com , www . cleartunemonitors . com .
Universal Audio UAD Software 10.2.3
Universal Audio Inc . ( UA ) has announced the release of UAD Software 10.2.3 , featuring 16channel immersive audio monitoring support with Apollo x16 for Dolby Atmos , Auro3D , Sony 360 Reality Audio , and others . This free update includes allnew Monitor Controls , Calibration , and Metering windows in Apollo ’ s Console application , turning Apollo x16 into an affordable immersive audio mixing and monitoring solution up to 9.1.6 .
Apollo x16 is the industry-standard recording studio centerpiece , seamlessly connecting to outboard analog gear and mixing consoles . With 16 channels of eliteclass A / D and D / A and Realtime UAD HEXA Core processing , Apollo x16 gives producers access to over 200 plugins exclusively from the UAD library .
For more information , contact YSL Pro : 416-867-9000 , FAX 416-867-1080 , yslpro @ yorkville . com , www . yslpro . com .
Danley Sound Labs D Series Amplifiers
Danley Sound Labs has announced the availability of a new line of amplifiers for dealers and customers . In addition to its popular DNA series amplifiers , the D series amplifiers provide high-end sound reinforcement for installation and touring use . The Danley D series amplifiers feature a Class-D power stage that delivers ‘ high output power , high efficiency and low heat generation ,’ according to the company . The D series provides processing features such as FIR filtering , dynamic EQ , and Dante networking ( optional ) all working alongside a DSP architecture including four local and four auxiliary DSP channels ( also supplied to the network ) meaning a single Delta DSP amplifier can control a stereo 4-way system with no external processing .
Additionally , all D series amplifiers feature advanced protection circuitry that ensures the safety of the equipment and speakers including over-current protection , short circuit protection , thermal protection , and a soft-start function to minimize the inrush current .
For more information , contact Danley Sound Labs : 770-535-0204 , www . danleysoundlabs . com .