Professional Sound - April 2023 | Page 35

while there are other events happening and other big events happening . So those are things we need to take into consideration when looking for dates for EXPO-SCÈNE , and which we do not necessarily have any control over . The vision , at for this year was to try and stabilize the status quo , to restart the machine after the two years and start working with our corporate members in deciding how they also see the show moving forward .
This year , I would say it ’ s more like the status quo . We weren ’ t able to redo or reinvent incorporate hands-on workshops like we had in 2019 , because some of those who are providing training haven ’ t set it up again because they ’ re coming out of COVID , so that will be coming next year . We ’ ve noticed also , there ’ s still staffing issues in our industry . So that also affects some of the exhibitors and companies . Everything is very positive ; it ’ s just working with what the reality we have now is . So , keeping the status quo maintains the quality of the show . And we ’ re happy that we have exhibitors that weren ’ t there before . That is a great addition this year , so we ’ ll see new products and new services . The reason we ’ re doing the show is because it ’ s the only one in Canada ; it ’ s the only major event like this in Canada . That ’ s important . There isn ’ t any other show like this in Canada and so it ’ s important to maintain it and to have Canadians be able to attend the show , whether they are from the province of Quebec , the east , or the west . we have people from across Canada attending it . And the reason is also because many Canadians who may not be able to travel abroad , when they used to for different reasons . And so , having it in Canada makes it easier traveling-wise , so that ’ s why we think that ’ s why the show has is important to maintain .
PS : What can people expect to see this year and how does it differ from previous years ?
Corbeil : Most of the time it is the exhibitors that do the show that create the novelty and the show itself . We ’ ll still have the status quo . We will have the TEC Talks , which are our educational component of small talks about technology , so we ’ re finalizing the schedule . Those are offered in the venue hall . So , people who have attended the show can go and listen to those TEC Talks . That ’ s pretty much what we ’ re doing . We ’ re also going to have a few demos from our exhibitors . They ’ ll have different rooms on the fifth floor to showcase their equipment , which allows them to do it in more intimate surroundings than on the trade show floor . Those are the events that will be happening around the show this year .
PS : Why is EXPO-SCÈNE an event that people in the pro audio , sound , lighting , audiovisual and multimedia technologies industries should be paying attention to ?
Corbeil : The fact that it is the main show in Canada allows for the industry companies to showcase their products and services . It allows them to network also with other companies and visitors and allows for the visitors to see equipment and networks and corporate members to see what ’ s going on . And some which they might not be able to do , as they may not be able to travel to other shows in North America or abroad . So , it allows those connections , and we all know that in-person connection with seeing a show and talking to people is the best way of reaching out and connecting and creating relationships within the industry .
Since the pandemic , we ’ ve noticed that there ’ s a lot of change in staffing in companies but also in the performing arts and entertainment industry . So , it means that the visitors that are coming are newcomers or some or regular visitors , but we have to be present to allow the exchange to continue over the years because it changes all the time .
As an example , if there ’ s a new technical director working in a new venue in downtown Montreal or even across the country , and they ’ ve never attended EXPO-SCÈNE , it allows that person to go , and then for the exhibitors being able to meet up with new faces in the industry , so it has a lot to do with connecting . For the corporate members , it gives them a chance to also meet with their clients and the