Professional Sound - April 2023 | Page 33

Teofilo : This is a photo of the podcast studio located on the second floor . It ’ s outfitted with a RØDECaster Pro along with four Shure SM7B microphones , all on Rode PSA1 + articulating arms . Not seen in the photo are four sets of Audio Technica M50x headphones . The room also includes a network switch for hardwired internet , a whiteboard , and a 70-in . television that is able to be connected via HDMI on the table to a device such as a laptop . There is ample space to film as well . The only thing left to finish in the room is adding some acoustic treatment on the walls and ceiling .
The idea for a podcast studio came about since there has been talk about starting a “ Songsbury Studios Podcast ” at some point , but it quickly became an additional opportunity on the business side of things for added revenue . The room can be used not only for audio / video podcasts , but can serve as a rentable board room for functions like meetings or table reads .
Teofilo : In these photos you can see the upstairs kitchenette and bathroom as well as my office . The kitchenette features a microwave , mini fridge stocked with water and soft drinks as well as coffee and tea . It also includes a little dining table that can also be used as a desk for anyone not recording in the podcast studio ( like a manager or parent ). Wi-Fi is included throughout the studio as well as some hardwired ethernet access points .
The bathroom features a 3D like tile floor along with a shower ( aside from the standard toilet and vanity ). The reason for the shower is mainly for me , because I tend to work long days and sometimes go straight from work to personal functions or even stay overnight .
My office includes a computer desk ( placed behind where the photo was taken ) as well as a pullout couch with TV and console . The office will serve as an administrative office as well as a living space for me on evenings when sessions run late .
Michael Raine is the former Editor-in-Chief of Professional Sound . He can be reached at michael . raine @ indieweek . com .