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Vari-Lite Neo X15 & Neo X5 Lighting Consoles
Vari-Lite has announced the Neo X15 and Neo X5 , a family of high-performance e lighting consoles designed for mixed-use facilities such as performing arts centres , stadiums and arenas , houses of worship , studios , schools , and more .
The new X15 is Vari-Lite ’ s flagship , high-performance lighting console , offering 15 multifunctional motorized playbacks and backlit encoders , and can output over 50,000 channels out of the box . The hardware layout includes two built-in monitors , a soft touch control screen , and built-in audio I / O connectivity that makes it easy to integrate lighting cues with sound effects , videos , and more . The all-new Neo 4.0 software on the X Series helps designers find the right look in less time by including an advanced effects engine that supports pixel mapping , media playback , timelines and more .
For more information , contact Vari-Lite : 214-647-7880 , www . vari-lite . com .
Sony Electronics VPL-PHZ61 and VPL-PHZ51 Laser Projectors
Sony Electronics has announced the world ’ s smallest WUXGA 3LCD laser projectors , the VPL-PHZ61 and VPL-PHZ51 , which combine advanced operational capabilities with high brightness and flexible installation , making them capable of use for a range of corporate , education , museum , entertainment , and simulation applications .
The VPL-PHZ61 and VPL-PHZ51 are compact and easy to install on ceilings in meeting rooms and classrooms with a + 55 % vertical shift , the widest in the fixed lens models1 . Both models boast high brightness – the VPL-PHZ61 at 6,400 lumens ( 7,000 lumen centre ) and the VPL-PHZ51 at 5,300 lumens ( 5,800 lumen centre ) – that project clear images , even in a well-lit meeting room or lecture hall .
For more information , contact SFM : 514- 780-2070 , info @ sfm . ca , www . sfm . ca .
Barco OverView MVL-621
Barco has released the OverView MVL-621 , a 60-in . rear-projection cube in the company ’ s mid-end , industry-standard MVL series . The device is powered by an LED light source . Customers now can choose between the 70- in . MVL-721 and the 60-in . MVL-621 – the latter being preferred when the operator positions are located closer to the video wall or to meet the control room height requirements .
The MVL-621 delivers an optimal brightness performance , for a minimal energy consumption , according to Barco . This makes this product eco-friendly for a video wall solution on the market today .
For more information , contact SC Media Canada : 888-595-3966 , information @ scmediacanada . com , www . scmediacanada . com .
Brightline Mako & Minnow Profile Spotlight Fixtures
Brightline has introduced a new Mako and Minnow family of four profile spotlight LED fixtures . Used for more focused and shaped lighting , these profile spotlights contain an ellipsoidal reflector designed for controlled , long throws .
The new Brightline Mako and Minnow fixtures are suited for a variety of applications , including broadcast studios , production studios , and large and mid-sized presentation rooms . The profile spotlight LEDs offer noise-free , fanless conduction cooling and are available in tunable Variable White and RGBW ( Red , Green , Blue , White ) versions . The Mako spotlight uses interchangeable , prime lenses and is designed for longer throws within large rooms or studios . The Minnow covers a shorter throw and is ideal as a key and accent light . Brightline Minnows have a compact zoom lens , enabling precise and continual adjustment to create the desired beam size .
For more information , go to www . brightlines . com .
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