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ADJ Hydro Profile
ADJ ’ s new flagship IP65-rated moving head , the Hydro Profile , is now shipping . It combines a 660W LED light engine that delivers over 25,000 lumens of output with a precision-engineered optical system a collection of beam-shaping tools including : a four-blade framing system , dynamic animation wheel , and an large zoom range .
With a robust external casing that has a sealed IP65-rated design , the Hydro Profile has been created to withstand the rigors of the road . It can be used for temporary outdoor shows and events in any weather as well as for indoor productions where it protects against everything from dust and smoke residue to spilt drinks and humidity . Sitting at the top of the Hydro Series , this is a substantial luminaire , with external dimensions of 12.20 x 17.00 x 28.35 in . ( L x W x H ) and a weight of 81.4 lbs . However , for a fixture that offers as much power and an expansive feature set , it is has been designed to be as easy to transport as possible . Pan and tilt locks prevent unwanted movement of the head during transit , while side bar handles aid with lifting and rigging .
For more information , contact SFM : 514-780-2070 , info @ sfm . ca , www . sfm . ca .
Robe has unveiled the iFORTE , which is the newest member of the iSeries . Designed to be used outside in any weather conditions , the iFORTE negates the traditional weight penalty associated with IP-rated fixtures by being only 1.5 kg heavier than the indoor FORTE .
The ingress protection system has been specifically designed to allow standard maintenance and preparation procedures , such as transferable engine exchange and gobo replacement without any additional tools , as gobo change or maintenance work can be done on-site .
The onboard RAINS ( Robe Automatic Ingress Neutralization System ) manages humidity , temperature and pressure control using an active monitoring system to automatically remove any moisture detected within the fixture and provides constant monitoring to ensure peak performance . The iFORTE automatically runs a self-test every time it senses a cover was removed and replaced . This self-test , taking no more than three minutes , provides an error message if covers were not replaced correctly or locking screws were incorrectly tightened .
For more information , contact Robe North America : 954-680-1901 , info @ robelighting . com , www . robelighting . com .
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