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them we can actually see the video wall and we don ’ t have all this structure , holding it all together . So that was one of the biggest challenges because the last piece of that is , how do we internally light them and be glowing , and of course , defy gravity and just be floating in mid-air in front of a video wall ? So that was definitely one of the biggest challenges . We love taking everything from a design concept considering the lighting , the video , everything all together and we have such a great network of people . Our riggers are brilliant . And they were able to figure out how to make this thing float in midair with such minimal structure that you can ’ t even really figure out how it ’ s staying up . I think that ’ s the challenge we face so much and a lot of what we do you look up at a lighting rig and it just seems to float in midair . And not only that , but it probably went up this morning . So it ’ s pretty amazing what we ’ ve been able to pull off in the lighting world as far as defying gravity .”
“ I ’ d say that ’ s the biggest variable going into these things is building a brand-new set from scratch which is just made out of plywood and MDF ( medium-density fiberboard ),” says Forbes . “ But from the production side it was very well thought out and they knew what they needed to see and how it was going to be executed which is great , especially on a first run of a new concept game show . So that was great .”
Prompted on what makes the set aesthetic of Battle of the Generations so unique Nadon says he wanted to approach the show as looking like it belongs to multiple generations and acknowledging their contributions . “ I think it ’ s about using technology in an interesting and new innovative way . I think every generation has been faced with new technology . And so have we in our industry lighting and set design . We ’ ve all had our game changing technology that has come to play . There ’ s tons of LED obviously now being used but it doesn ’ t mean you have to use it in all different ways . There ’ s classical lighting that still
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