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upwards of $ 400 per bulb and then times that by the amount of fixtures you have I mean you can imagine the bill , let alone the time cost of having to replace them . With an LED fixture generally , you have around 20,000 hours , which is again , it comes down to the huge cost savings and colour consistency as well . Carbon arc fixtures as the head moves , the arc inside will burn differently so you can end up with one light looking different from the other just because it simply was tilted in a different position for too long . So these types of things are really what makes this room stand out when an artist comes in to see a very consistent look all the way through the rig every time they come in .”
With musical heavyweights like Rod Stewart , Santana and the Steve Miller Band performing in the near future The OLG Stage At Fallsview Casino looks to be a significant entertainment destination for years to come . “ I think everything ’ s been really positive so far , “ summarizes Zlomislic . “ We ’ re starting to ramp up with the calendar . It ’ s been a very good response . I think when you walk out from the stage and see how big the room is , but also how intimate it is at the same time is really I think , you know , using the cliche of a game changer , but I think it really is . You know that new theater smell ( laughs ). We ’ ve always had a name out there with the Avalon and Fallsview on everything that we ’ ve done for not only the area but for the greater GTA , but I think now having this it puts us on a little bit of a higher level .”
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ETC Source 4 Lustr
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Showline SL Nitro 510 LED Strobe
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Chroma Q Color Force 48 ” RGBW
High Output LED Batten
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High End Systems HES Solaframe
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Ayrton Nandobeam S9
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GrandMA 3
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GrandMA 3 Lite
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GrandMA Processing Unit M
Building wide Pathway Gateway
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Robert Juliat 1515C Merlin Followspots
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