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Source 4 Lustr are used for front wash and for room wash . Chroma Q Color Force 48 ” RGBW High Output LED Batten are deployed both for up lights and also as a front light or blinder and were used by The Lumineers who did a lot of pixel mapping during their recent performance . With a centrally controlled ACN network running from a laptop at Front of House which is running the Pathway Gateway System , every fixture can be accessed and touched remotely . “ Given the size of the room , it takes a lot of time to move around . But we don ’ t actually have to go and touch the fixtures , typically we can just kind of identify the fixture on the Pathway network and then make whatever changes or get whatever feedback we need to from the fixture ,” says Taylor .
Another notable component that both Taylor and Farrow mentioned is the MDG ATMe hazer . “ The haze comes in and hangs up really nice and evenly ,” says Taylor . “ And we don ’ t have to pump out a ton of haze to fill the room . We can just put in the kind of right level that fills the room . The beams look nice but nobody has the feeling they ’ re in a nightclub . Yet you still kind of get the kind of theater vibe going on .”
“ We ’ ve gotten lots of positive feedback from all the LDs that come in ,” adds Farrow . “ Often we see because of the roadhouse style , that an act will carry a floor package and then just use the overhead package . And that works very well . We have a ton of power and a ton of network capability . So we can give an act electricity anywhere in the room . But Canada ’ s Got Talent came in and they have patched into a disconnect panel that ’ s in the back of the catwalk . We also have one set up in the catwalk [ and ] a ton of them on stage . And the same goes with data routing . We can plug in an Ethernet cable here and then have it terminate basically anywhere in the room . And that applies to the Lighting Network , the Audio Network , the Video network . The whole network architecture I think is one of the best things that they did when they built the room . It ’ s super reliable and makes every day go easy .”
Another point of pride for both Farrow and Taylor is that the OLG Stage At Fallsview Casino ’ s lighting is all LED . “ We ’ ve completely gotten away from the tungsten or carbon arc fixtures ,” says Taylor . And we have gotten on top of that and cutting edge when it comes to that . It really brings down the cost when it comes to maintaining them as well . No longer having to not only purchase a bulb , but take the manpower to replace those bulbs is a huge savings . When it comes down to running a carbon arc fixture you generally only get about 800 hours , which in this industry will run you about six months which means twice a year . You ’ re changing bulbs that can run
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