Pro Installer July 2017 - Issue 52 | Page 3

JULY 2017 | 3 News Read online at CASE STUDY Voice for Systems Companies The Glass and Glazing Fed- eration (GGF) has now fully estab- lished its new specific GGF ‘Sys- tems House Group.’ The move was prompted by the level, quantity and quality of the many window and door system companies who joined the GGF in 2016. The scope of the group was de- termined at a meeting earlier this year. Members will look at matters such as: • Input into the GGF overall strategy, such as the future shape and requirements of Building Regulations - for example, Approved Document changes in England in 2018 • How to tackle issues caused by restrictive planning condi- tions (such as Article 4 Direc- tions) that may exclude some framing materials • Assessing the potential impact of any regulatory changes and influencing the shape of those changes • Ensuring system companies are represented and their voic- es heard in industry standards setting forum • Working with partners and devel- oping solutions to current or potential issues that may exclude certain companies, in particular small and micro enterprises, from parts of the market. The next meeting is in August 2017. For more information, email [email protected]. DUTCH PARTNERSHIP Mighton Products has ex- tended its partnership with Anker Stuy Verven BV to include a larger range of the Dutch paint and coat- ings manufacturer’s products. The Cambridgeshire-based tim- ber window and door hardware specialist will now add the full range of specialist timber treat- ments - including interior finishes - to its established range of paints and coatings. Plans also include the addition of paints and coatings for other, non-timber, applica- tions. Mighton has been distributing Anker Stuy products to its spe- cialist joinery customers with next day delivery and a simple pricing structure which, with the devel- opment of products specifically developed for the UK, has drawn excellent response from custom- ers resulting in significant sales growth. Mighton chairman Mike Derham has now committed the compa- ny to develop additional markets such as for timber architectural façades, for which Anker Stuy products have been specified with great success. These include protection of the extensive timber façade of Cheshire’s Lymm Fire Station, which has won praise for its avant-garde design and execu- tion. EASI-DEC ROOFLINE - THE ALTERNATIVE TO SCAFFOLDING Easi-Dec, the working at height safety specialist, has supplied Everest with 72 Roofline systems to provide installation teams with a safe, efficient and cost effective solution for accessing roofline level when carrying out gutter, soffit and fascia replacements. After working with scaf- folding for several years, Everest investigated alternative work- ing at height solutions. Having approached Easi-Dec about its Roofline system, the Everest health and safety and purchas- ing departments received nu- merous product demonstrations with the Easi-Dec team visiting Everest branches and existing projects to highlight how its sys- tem can accommodate different types of properties. Impressed by the safe, easy to use and cost effective system, Everest placed an order for 72 Easi-Dec Roof- line platforms. The Easi-Dec system allowed trained operatives to erect the access equipment on the day of the installation and remove it upon completion, which caused less disruption to customers. The system removes the need to appoint external scaffold com- panies on some installations. Its individual platforms can also be used on window replacement contra cts which offer further flexibility with the equipment. “The Easi-Dec Roofline sys- tem is well known within our industry and it not only offers a cost effective solution, but it also does not compromise on safety,” says Andy Hunter, Health & Safety Executive at Everest. “We purchased a significant amount of Easi-Dec equipment, and as a result, we worked closely with the company to deliver 72 train- ing sessions around the UK in a very short space of time. The service was excellent and the delivery of the equipment and training ran without any issues. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with all of the team at Easi-Dec and I could not recom- mend them highly enough.” Easi-Dec Roofline is a mod- ular system incorporating one or more Easi-Dec platforms linked securely with Easi-Dec Catwalk to form a continu- ous fully-guarded platform. It has been designed to provide simple, rapid access to roofline level by eliminating the time constraints of erecting scaffold- ing and can be set up in less than 30 minutes. The 8 metre Roofline system comprises 2 Ea- si-Dec platforms and a Catwalk. It features telescopic legs that provide height adjustment in 30mm increments and can even cope with sloping ground. With a comprehensive range of ac- cessories the Easi-Dec Roofline offers numerous benefits and can overcome a wide variety of challenging access situations. The Roofline system is availa- ble with a standard leg height of 3.3m -5.5m, with alternative leg lengths also available enabling workers to cover the majority of properties, ranging from 2.34m (typical bungalow) up to 6.8m (2 storey town house).