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Changing system supplier can be daunting . Industry statistics show that less than 6 % of fabricators change each year , which suggests the risks of delays and disruption stop many businesses from even considering it .
But Lawson Price , technical manager at Profile 22 , says changing needn ’ t be difficult – and he has the figures to prove it . “ When we launched Optima last year , we successfully undertook a complete changeover of nearly 100 Profile 22 fabricators to Optima in just nine months . We ’ ve also brought on board a significant number of new fabricators so far this year too .”
Lawson says the key to Profile 22 ’ s ability to undertake a seamless changeover is thanks to a meticulously planned changeover system that minimises disruption and means a fabricator can finish one system on the Friday and start again on Monday morning with Optima .
Before the Profile 22 changeover team goes to the fabricator ’ s site to complete the changeover , all tooling is delivered to its Telford factory , before being trial fitted and checked by a dedicated field technician . Similarly , all set up materials are ordered and factory tested ten days prior to setup .
Preparations at the fabricator ’ s premises include training for staff , putting everything in place and checking it before undertaking the changeover and running test profiles . Once this has happened successfully , ‘ live ’ orders are put through the fabricator ’ s systems . The Profile 22 team will also place orders with the customer ’ s production team to make sure everything works in a real-world environment .
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FIT Show 2017 ’ s debut at the NEC , Birmingham , saw unique visitor numbers increasing by 17 % compared to the previous show in 2016 . One of the reasons for this , said organisers , was the introduction of ‘ BIG Tuesday ’.
It extended the show opening hours on the first day to 8pm , giving attendees a chance to combine business and pleasure at champagne receptions , ‘ 80s themed discos , quiz nights and even ballet dancing sessions .
One of the highlights was Ultraframe ’ s marching band , which
looked like something straight from the cover of The Beatles album , Sgt . Pepper ’ s Lonely Hearts Club Band .
Other highlights included the GGF ’ s 40th anniversary party , complete with on-stand band , Rehau ’ s ice sculptor , the appearance of former Bond Girl , Caroline Munro , on The Georgian Bar Company ’ s stand , cocktail bars on both the Yale and aïr by Everglade Windows stands , and AluK ’ s BIG FIT Show Quiz .
Hannah Langridge of Jackloc commented : “ We found ‘ BIG Tuesday ’ was a great socialising opportunity with other exhibitors .” There were 557 new registrations after 3pm on ‘ BIG Tuesday ’, which accounted for 6 % of the overall total of unique visitors at FIT Show 2017 .

Fire glass made easy

Showcasing an expansive range of high performance glazing solutions , a new product catalogue has been launched by Pyroguard , the specialist manufacturer of fire glass .
As well as debuting new product ranges , the catalogue features quick-reference selection guides to make fire glass specification easier than it ’ s ever been .
From its simple navigator which identifies the correct product right through to intuitive icons which indicate product performance at a glance and a comprehensive technical specification guide , the catalogue allows quick comparison of product characteristics .
The catalogue not only introduces a new , memorable naming scheme for Pyroguard product ranges , but also unveils Pyroguard Ultra , a new premium range of toughened fire-rated glass .
Also included are the application-specific products Pyroguard Infinity , Attackguard and Smokeguard which provide high performance options for visually appealing butt joint applications , manual attack protection and smoke control .
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