Pro Installer December 2019 - Issue 81 - Page 20

20 | DECEMBER 2019 News Read online at THREE WORDS: ATTENTION TO DETAIL Chris Bailey spent 18 years at Business Micros, before joining Keyframe. He started in installations and machinery links before working his way up to head of sales. He now holds the position of Sales & Product Development. Here, in an exclusive inter- view with Pro Installer he dis- cusses everything Keyframe, from its day-to-day business to the future of the Flush Sash. What do you make / sell / install? Keyframe manufactures and sells Rehau and Spectus profiles suites and are just in the process of introducing our New Flush Sash which is already proving popular with its customer base we are ‘ confident we Where? Manufactured in Bolton and delivered Nationwide by our large fleet of vehicles. Who To? Trade and Installation Compa- nies, whether that be small family businesses or large nationwide trade counter organisations mind-set of going ‘ that extra mile ’ How is your brand different / better from its competitors? Here at Keyframe we believe what makes us different is the staff. Each and every member of the team has the mind-set of going that extra mile to ensure quotes / orders are processed, checked, manufactured and delivered on time to the highest standard. Where do you see your business in 1 Year, 5 Years, and 10 Years? We have some exciting devel- opments in the next 12 months. Starting with the addition of our new Flush Sash and then early next year we have a brand new Schirmer machine centre arriv- ing to replace one of our exist- ing machinery lines. This again highlights that we are constantly looking to drive and improve our production methods. Why should a customer come to you, if they haven’t been before? To this we would simply say give us a call or send us a small sample order, and see for yourself the care and attention that goes into every job that Keyframe pro- duce, no matter what the size. Describe your company in three words Attention to detail. The main focus of Keyframe has always been customer service. In the first few months of joining it is clear that they are a company that put their own needs second, to en- sure the customers always come out on top. Your career as a whole / In the Past 10 Years / In the Last 12 months Probably the most significant recent development at Keyframe and the rest of the industry would be the introduction of the huge range of coloured foils. This has given the market the re-in- vigoration it needed and is now allowing home owners to put their mark on what could well be there forever home. Internally though I would have to say the introduction of barcode tracking within the pro- duction and despatch areas really helped us to push on as a com- pany and pinpoint any areas or gaps that needed attention, this when paired with customer feed- back allows us to identify and eradicate any minor issues before they become more significant. How is Business in general for Keyframe this year? Despite the current uncer- tainty in the market place over Brexit and what may or may not happen, Keyframe are pleased to find we are seeing continued growth and are seeing this as a testimonial to the quality of products and services that we provide. can bring the same quality and service to a larger audience ’ What is Keyframe mission statement? Customer Satisfaction. What are your company goals for 2020? Greater Brand Awareness. With the feedback from our customer base being so positive, we are confident we can bring the same quality and service to a larger audience. How can people find out more about your company?, @KeyframeUK or feel free to just give us a call on 01204 705718 to see what we can do for you.