PRIDE Annual Report 2020 - Page 11

Without knowing what October would be like with COVID-19 , the Board started looking at scaling back events or holding virtual events during LGBT History Month . Many LGBTQIA + individuals wanted some events to occur in June during PRIDE Week to give us something to look forward to and to celebrate PRIDE . Efforts were made to promote virtual activities and events , including GLOBAL PRIDE 2020 as well as other virtual events or activities celebrating PRIDE . From March to July , the MPST Board closely monitored infection data , orders from state and local authorities , guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , and determined on July 13 took the prudent course of action and canceled in-person PRIDE 2020 completely and agreed to re-group for 2021 . “ The LGBTQIA + community missed PRIDE Month activities in June and we were hopeful things would improve so there could be events during LGBT History Month in October ,” said Tom Tagliabue , President of the MPST .