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Contents i About the authors ii About Oxford Medical Training Chapter 1: Introduction 1.01 About this book 1.02 Your thoughts on a team based activity 1.03 Why is medical leadership and management important? 1.04 Who are the leaders? 1.05 When and where are you a leader? 1.06 Your current strengths and challenges Chapter 2: High performing teams and the leader’s role 2.01 Understanding teams 2.02 Healthy Teams 2.03 How do teams develop? 2.04 Dysfunctional teams 2.05 Leadership versus management 2.06 What do you need to lead and manage? 2.07 Team interaction challenges for Medical Leadership 2.08 Action-Centred Leadership 2.09 How does this apply to your role? Chapter 3: Leadership and management style and substance 3.01 What makes a great leader of people? 3.02 A simple model of leadership 3.03 We all have leadership and management abilities 3.04 Your attitude to control 3.05 A short exercise on planning a project 3.06 ‘Task’ focus versus ‘People’ focus 3.07 Adapting style to circumstance and context 3.08 Style with substance 3.09 Pulling this chapter together 3.10 Leadership and management teams Chapter 4: Engagement, motivation and influence 4.01 From Future to Engage 4.02 Does it really matter? Can’t they just get on with it? 2