President's Report 2018-2019 - Page 9

Now G wynedd Mercy University prides itself on producing Distinctive Mercy Graduates who become more than just leaders in their fields. They are leaders with values who know what they stand for and who live by their personal principles every day. It’s through generous scholarships and the support they receive from the professors here on campus that enable our alumni to carry the Mercy values into their professions and lives. William Randolph Hearst Scholarship This scholarship provides recognition and financial assistance to outstanding Hispanic students in the Frances M. Maguire School of Nursing and Health Professions. The scholarship was funded by the William Randolph Hearst Foundation, which provides national resources for organizations working in the fields of education, health, culture, and social service. Presidential Scholarship The Presidential Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship awarded to a limited number of selected first-time undergraduate students. Danielle McCloskey Education, 2014 Jennifer Torres King Nursing, 2010 Here: In addition to clinicals, Jennifer was an active student on campus. She was a member of the Student Activities Committee, Student Government Association, and served as captain of the Dance Team. Now: Jennifer is now an Assistant Professor and Instructor at Thomas Jefferson University College of Nursing and is an Intensive Care Nursery Staff Nurse at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. “ GMercyU taught me that education is not just about going to class. It’s about getting involved, immersing yourself in your surroundings and taking it all in, mind, body, and soul. ” Here: At GMercyU, Danielle was a four-year member of the Cross Country and Track and Field teams, served on the Special Education Club and was Co-President during her Junior year all while participating in GMercyU’s Teacher Apprenticeship Program. Now: Module Trainer at The Comprehensive Learning Center in Warminster, Pa. “ GMercyU gave me every opportunity to thrive as a student, athlete, future teacher, and young adult. I built lifelong friendships at GMercyU, developed my passion for teaching students with special needs, achieved many running goals, and in the end was lucky enough to meet my husband. The Presidential Scholarship had a very significant impact on not only my college experience, but who I am today. ” PRESIDENT’S REPORT 7