President's Report 2018-2019 - Page 11

Carlino Scholars Program Charlotte W. Newcombe Scholarship John J. Morrone Nursing Merit Award This scholarship provides recognition and financial assistance to outstanding adult students. The scholarship was established by The Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation to continue Mrs. Newcombe’s lifelong interest in providing scholarships for adult students. This scholarship is given to a student aged 25 years or older enrolled in the nursing program in the Frances M. Maguire School of Nursing and Health Professions. The scholarship was established by Pamela ’03 and Michael Morrone in memory of Michael’s father. Here: Sean was a member of GMercyU’s Honors Program, Student Government Association, participated in Alternative Spring Break, and studied abroad in Spain. He also served as a summer research intern at the John Pascal’s Lab at Thomas Jefferson University. Lara La Sala Accounting, 2008 Tina Boyer Nursing, 2014 Here: While at GMercyU, Lara worked at Talamore Country Club in an entry- level accounting job which helped springboard her professional career. She also traveled to New Laredo, Texas for an Alternative Spring Break experience. Now: Sean is now a Research fellow in Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology at Harvard Medical School and is married to a fellow GMercyU alumna. The pair welcomed their baby girl this past year. Now: Lara owns her own consulting company which supports high- performaning women entrepreneurs in scaling their businesses by providing project, team management and business management services. Here: Tina was an active member of the Student Nursing Association of Pennsylvania (SNAP) and the National Student Nursing Association (NSNA), but also dedicated her time to community service and volunteering on campus and in the community. She is grateful for the lasting impact her clinical instructor, Loraine Pepe, and how she worked hard to make sure every one of her students not just learned the concepts she was teaching, but that they understood it. The GMercyU community taught me the importance of serving others and reflection. Although it is sometimes a struggle during the busyness of daily life in a research lab, I try to step back and reflect on my work and its purpose. Receiving scholarships allowed me to get a high-level education where I could truly focus on the success of my college career and performance rather than worrying about how I was going to make ends meet and create a brighter future for myself and my daughter. This scholarship provides recognition and financial assistance to outstanding students, as recommended by the Admissions and Financial Aid departments. The scholarship was established by Peter Carlino, Trustee Emeritus. Sean Carney, PhD Biology, 2011 “ ” “ ” Now: Tina found her calling as a Staff Nurse for Central Bucks School District which combines her love for working with students and providing health care for those in need. She enjoys educating them on their conditions and helping them feel their best so they can be successful during their school career. “ As a stay-at-home mother and student, I had a financial need that would have forced me to take a break from school. Receiving the Morrone Scholarship meant I was able to continue with my classes and finish on time with my cohort group. I don’t think you could understand how important and meaningful this scholarship was to my family and me! We were very thankful, and still are. ” PRESIDENT’S REPORT 9