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Breaking Into Session Styling
3Jay Productions featuring Jalia Pettis (@ jaliadp ), Brendnetta Ashley (@ edgybgirl ), West Eal (@ westeal _ photo ) MONDAY 9:30 - 11:00a l ROOM 206A So you want to work on set creating amazing hair and makeup for editorial shoots ? In this look & learn class you will actually see the creative process unfold before your eyes . We will discuss set etiquette , how to properly pack your kit , your role on a team of other creatives and understanding where to start in your journey . Preparation is key when planning a photo shoot & each educator will offer their perspective in achieving the desired end result .
Jalia Pettis is an Arizona-based makeup artist , hairstylist , and educator . Her passion and ability have been recognized with numerous awards , including NAHA Makeup Artist of the Year ( 2022 ) and the International Beauty Industry Award ( 2020-2021 ). Pettis ’ work spans a variety of settings , from film , television , and editorial , to creative direction and business development . In addition , she has worked with a range of clients , from internationally recognized brands to musicians , celebrities , athletes , and more .
Brendnetta has been in the industry all my her and professionally licensed for the past seventeen years . She is currently an Artistic Educator with The Salon by Instyle and helping other stylists understand the how and why has always been a passion of her . While in the salon , she loves doing textured hair , vivids , braids and balayage . If not in the salon , you can find her on a shoot doing editorial hair .
Unlease Your Inner Pro
SUNDAY 9:00a - 6:00p l MONDAY 9:00a - 5:00p EXHIBIT FLOOR l BOOTH 3530 With over 35 years of experience , Crown Brush is recognized in the beauty industry as a global leader in professional cosmetics and brushes . Come see all that we have to offer such as eyeshadow palettes , glitter eyeshadow & more .
Why Be Nice , When You Can Be RUDE ?
Rude Cosmetics SUNDAY 9:00a - 6:00p l MONDAY 9:00a - 5:00p EXHIBIT FLOOR l BOOTH 3331 Be one of the first to sneak peek some of our upcoming never before seen launches and receive up to 50 % off ! Whether you are going with a natural , bold , fierce or RUDE look - our goal is simply to let your imagination loose !
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Blending with Structure
Clean Beauty for Global Tones
The Powder Group featuring Jalia Pettis (@ jaliadp ) MONDAY 2:00 - 3:00p l ROOM 207A The importance of makeup artistry as it relates to women of color is of vital importance as a beauty industry professional . Understanding basic makeup application for women with more or less melanin is key . The ability to create a clean beauty look is an integral part of our repertoire as Makeup Artists . This class will provide step-by-step techniques in creating clean makeup for global skin tones .
Kaya ’ s Kandy Experience featuring Takaya Maddox (@ takayamaddox ) SUNDAY 9:30 - 10:30a l ROOM 206A Do you struggle with eyeshadow blending ? Does your eyeshadow blend like butter ? Do you know what colors match together well ? Blending with Structure is for you ! This class Is dedicated to those who have been praying to take their makeup game to the next level . It ’ s time to stop your struggle in choosing the correct colors to use and BLEND w / STRUCTURE ! When you blend with structure you Blend with CONFIDENCE ! You will learn what are the best colors for proper blending . In addition , you will learn which brushes allow you to blend effortlessly . Let ’ s create a foundation that gives real structure with your blending techniques that will allow you to show up ready to conquer every makeup look with excellence . You can master a new technique ! So come on and let ’ s BLEND w / STRUCTURE !