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Slay the Strip Lash Look
LASHCONference Extension Hosted by LashCast
featuring Ali Lilly (@ lashanarchist ) SUNDAY 10:00a - 12:00p l ROOM 303A In this class we will be going over the basics of creating the desired strip lash look . With a BONUS section on how to create the strip lash look ’ s gorgeous cousin- the wet lash look .
Working with Ultra Fine Diameters : Maximizing Your Time and Income
LASHCONference Extension Hosted by LashCast
featuring Tress Larson (@ tress . lashboxla ) SUNDAY 1:00 - 3:00p l ROOM 303A Learn all about how to work with the hottest diameters on the market : . 02 , . 03 , and . 04 lashes will revolutionize your income , retention , and versatility , allowing you to give your clients more of what they want , in less time !
Four Week Lash Retentions Is Possible : It ’ s All About the Technique
LASHCONference Extension Hosted by LashCast
featuring Paul and Tussanee Luebbers (@ lashcast , @ thelashconference ) SUNDAY 3:00 - 5:30p l ROOM 303A Tired of only getting 2-3 weeks of lash retention for your clients ? Do you keep changing your lash glue , hoping that will get you to that coveted 4-week retention rate ? Here ’ s the hard truth : the magic is not in the glue … it ’ s in the technique . We ’ ll teach you our secret to 4-5 week lash retention … it ’ s all about the bond . When you come to our class , we ’ ll challenge you on what you ’ ve been taught and give you a new paradigm for lashing .
10 Tips You Can Implement to Take Your Lash Retention to the Next Level
LASHCONference Extension Hosted by LashCast
featuring Ruthie Belle (@ ruthiebelle ) MONDAY 10:00a - 12:00p l ROOM 303A You already know how room temperature and humidity affect lash adhesive curing but did you know that there are many more physical and chemical factors during lash application that affect their lifetime ? Learn 10 science-based factors that have a massive impact on lash retention that you can implement immediately !
Join Aki Lashes for an Introduction to Lash Lift Application
Aki Lashes featuring Alexis Ortega (@ setwithlex ) SUNDAY 3:30-4:30p l ROOM 205B Lash Lifts are extremely popular services and continue to rise in demand . By using silicone shields and a series of solutions , lash lifts leave your client with long lasting , natural looking lift . Lash lifts are low maintenance services for clients who are looking for a natural looking enhancement to their current beauty routine without daily upkeep . Attract new clients and increase your income by adding this easy service ! Join Aki Lashes for a chance to win a $ 125 on a Lash Lift Kit .
Secrets to Lash Lifting and How to Earn 2x More Annual Income
LASHCONference Extension Hosted by LashCast
featuring Kimber Jaynes (@ kimberjaynes ) MONDAY 1:00 - 3:30p l ROOM 303A Lash extensions might not be for every client , but it doesn ’ t mean they can ’ t love their lashes . Adding lash lift to your services can help you 2-3x your annual income . Kimber will give a 5-step approach on how to add the service , and tips to be more effective in your technique . As a bonus , she will cover retail secrets that give every lash lift client the lashes of their dreams .