PR for People Monthly October 2018 | Page 8

Rupert Sheldrake, who coined the term Morphic Field, proposed that memory is inherent in nature: in plants, trees, animals, and certainly in human beings. It’s why we just instinctively know things without actually having to learn them. Sheldrake further asserts that Morphic Fields extend beyond physical objects and people to tether us together, the same way the earth’s gravitational field extends far enough beyond the earth’s crust to keep the moon in orbit. There are social groups of living creatures, fish and birds, for example, that embody the existence of morphic fields. Its why birds flying in a flock all turn in direction at the same time without crashing into one another.

There might be a metaphysical realm between this time and physical space or another dimension? At the very least it might explain if there is a valley for lost earrings and a cave for missing socks. As human beings, we’re at a McGraw Street Crosswalk. We will either descend into the depths of hell, hate and war, or evolve into a culture where sharing, compassion and collaboration is de riguer. Maybe, just maybe, we all share the collective memory derived from what happened to our ancestors long before we were born into this world, and we don’t want to make the same mistakes. Maybe we’re are all connected. Maybe not. I cannot explain the unexplained. Nor do I have a theory to offer you about energy, except to say that the next time you find a penny on the ground or see a little person that you will find it to be a good omen, and somehow meaningful.