PR for People Monthly October 2018 | Page 7

So here is where the subject of pennies becomes odd and tricky. I am moving on to an altogether different topic that is seemingly disconnected but very relevant. It has to do with little people, or, for the sake of this story, midgets. When my children were young, nine, six and one, to be precise, my car had suffered a mishap and was in the garage for repairs. My son’s summer camp was over a mile from our home on Queen Anne Hill. Getting up early and walking from home to the camp was a healthy thing to do. Plus, we had time to talk about those things we never had a chance to discuss. I did not know then what I know now. The question my son asked me that day has instilled within me the firm resolution that some things cannot be explained.

As we approached the McGraw Street Crosswalk, my son suddenly asked me about midgets. He wanted to know how midgets came to be. While his question seemed to be out of ordinary, I respected his curiosity. My response relied on my limited knowledge of genetics. He seemed satisfied with my explanation and admitted he had never actually seen a little person. Now here is where the story turns and gets a little weird. At the end of my work day, when camp was over, I returned to get my son, so we could walk home. As we approached the McGraw Street Crosswalk, the same place where we had discussed midgets in the morning, a middle-aged man, undoubtedly a midget, appeared in the crosswalk and walked in the opposite direction. I looked at my son; he looked at me; our eyes said everything. No, this couldn’t be! Was this a coincidence?

One of the best things about being human is that all of us have experienced the sensation of being stared at. We’re walking through a mall or sitting in a restaurant or about to get into our cars and we can just feel someone looking at us. We turn to see and sure enough there is someone who is watching our every move. We’ve also experienced thinking about someone, it could be about someone you have not thought of in years, and within minutes that person phones you. And why is it that your dog or cat knows you are close to home, long before they hear your footsteps or the sound of your car?

So now our story turns to energy. There are many forms of energy. The energy that heats our home might be derived from oil, gas, coal, electricity, hydropower, the sun or the wind. A very different form of energy emanates from business, from being physically active, mentally alert and on top of your game, and of course there are those forms of energy in the universe that are still not satisfactorily explained.