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About Jim Kingsland

Jim Kingsland has been a broadcast journalist since 1978, and has held anchor positions at Fox Business Network, Bloomberg Radio, CNBC, and the Financial News Network, reporting on business and the markets. Jim has significant expertise in rare and precious metals and in recently published his book with Random House "Coin and Precious Metal Values 2010: Trends, Deals, and Predictions for the Smart Investor" .

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With all the changes taking place in our global economy, including changes in hiring, education, and in financial markets and housing markets, in government, and especially in the value of the American dollar, there is increased desire to acquire gold, silver and coins as a hedge against inflation and the declining US currency. We are now living in a world where the usual forms of currency cannot be trusted. Jim believes the price of precious metals and coins will continue to rise dramatically.

We’ve entered a time where the new metrics are in people as much as they are in gold or silver. Jim Kingsland’s ideal standard is to introduce people to gold and silver gradually as an educational process because ultimately it is something valuable for them to know about. He isn’t interested in getting rich off of one coin and keeps his profit margins low enough so people can afford to invest in larger quantities. This type of business ethic builds goodwill, and most important of all, it brings him repeat business and long-term trusted relationships.

"We’ve entered a time where the new metrics are in people as much as they are in gold

or silver." ~ Jim Kingsland

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He authors The Kingsland Report, a subscription-based email service that examines and provides commentary on events impacting the markets. He is also the author of the Financial Balderdash financial blog.. He is working on his next book: “The Late Great Dollar Bill.”