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From the time he was a little kid, Jim remembers being fascinated with coins, and he started collecting Mercury dimes and pennies. He also wanted to be on the radio. When he was 14, he visited a local radio station and asked if they had any volunteer work for him to do. Soon he was working in the news room where they cut articles from the local paper to use for potential on-air stories. The following summer he became a newscaster on Sunday morning. By the time he headed off to St. Thomas Aquinas College, he was already the news director of the local radio station WGRC 1300 in Rockland County. Eventually, he worked his way up as a traffic reporter on 1010 WINS. Mike Bloomberg interviewed him in 1992 and he took a job with Bloomberg, where he stayed as a news anchor for fourteen years.

Jim Kingsland’s expertise as a dealer in rare coins, precious metals and currency comes from years of covering the subject on broadcast news. Jim’s two great passions converge in his work on radio. For years he has covered currency, coins, gold and silver. He has a deep appreciation for the beauty of every coin and explains how the meticulous craftsmanship and design speaks to tell the story of its history and culture. His oldest coin is a 300AD Roman coin that has sharp detail and appears to look like it is uncirculated condition. He thinks it is amazing how this coin was held by people who lived thousands of years ago. >> Continued on pg 10

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The new gold standard

Jim Kingsland

November 8, 2012 marked the third time that Patricia Vaccarino of PR for People® collaborated with Dave Bresler, founder of NetworkNetwork!, to create an outstanding networking event. The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy or the early morning Nor’easter didn’t stop New Yorkers from turning out for this event. The primary reason for the event’s success is Dave Bresler. He is described by everyone as a mensch who derives his greatest joy and satisfaction from putting people together so they can help one another in business. If you live and work in the NYC metro area, then NetworkNetwork! is the finest business networking group around. To get more info about this powerful and dynamic group, contact Dave Bresler [email protected].

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