PR for People Monthly January 2013 | Page 3

Letter from the Editor - Page 4

Managing Wealth with his Heart – Page 5

The Advisor to Advisors – Page 6

Cookies by the Numbers – Page 7-8

Dave Bresler, the Ultimate Connector - Page 9

In whom do you Trust? The new gold standard – Page 9-10

The Prince & Pollyanna: The Realities of Life – Page 11

The new Marie Antoinette...who ate the whole cake – Page 12

Who are the Middle Class? – Page 13

The awesome Plight of the Superrich – Page 14-15

Suggested Readings: About the current economy – Page 16

Wealth + Health: Keeping it all in perspective – Page 17

Need Money? Get a Life! Wali Collins and his Y’NEVANO philosophy – Page 17

PR for People: News Brief & Branding You – page 18-19

Table of Contents

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