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OPTION ONE Poly-Classic Capital Installation Instructions ( continued )
1 ) To help keep the top of the column in the correct place , you may cut a centering block to fit inside the top of the capital or load plug . Attach block to ceiling / soffit .
2 ) If using POLY / RESIN capitals , trim the shaft accordingly . If using COMPOSITE capitals , DO NOT TRIM the shaft . The plug will be connected to the top of the shaft neck to extend the neck to the height needed for the capital .
3 ) Set capital or load plug on top of column shaft . Pre-drill and countersink screws to attach capital or plug to the shaft . Apply construction adhesive or caulking to sleeve , insert in shaft , and attach with non-corrosive screws .
4 ) If the capital is the composite plaster , slide the cap over the plug . Then pre-drill and countersink holes near the bottom of the cap and attach the cap to the load bearing plug . Capital should be primed / finished according the instructions shipped with the cap before installation .
5 ) Apply construction adhesive or caulk as needed to the top of the cap . If you have a composite cap , flashing should be used to prevent moisture from setting on top of the cap . All column installations should be flashed if they are placed in an area where water , debris , etc . could accumulate inside the shaft .
6 ) If necessary , jack up the roof where column is to be installed . Raise the column into place , slipping the top over the centering block .
7 ) Pre-drill and counter sink through the capital abacus ( top ) COMPOSITE PLASTER CAPITALS W / PLUG : and attach to the ceiling / soffit with non-corrosive screws .
8 ) Attach column at base ( see standard column installation instructions ). Fill all countersunk screw holes , seams , etc . with caulk . Sand , clean and finish according to standard instructions .
Centering Block - fits the inside of cap or plug
Centering Block - fits the inside of cap or plug
Plug ( similar to above ) will be attached to shaft neck to achieve total height required Sh aft . Plug m + uneck st bmust e be trimmed to 1 / trim 8 " taller mthan edcapital to 1 so / plug 8 " + neck will carry
taller the weight
than of the
cap load .
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