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Poly / Resin Poly-Classic Capital Installation Instructions
Our new expanded line of Ornamental Capitals for Poly-Classic columns has prompted us to include more installation instructions to assist customers in deciding how they want to design their columns , as well as help in the actual final installation .
This page deals with capitals chosen from page 8 only : the Option One capitals . These are made of either Poly / Resin or Composite Plaster . Poly / Resin caps have a plug built-in to connect to the column shaft , and the capital itself carries the load of the overhead structure . For Composite Plaster caps without the built-in plug , the plug is a separate FRP piece that connects to the shaft , and the capital slides over the plug , so the plug carries the load instead of the cap .
For POLY-RESIN caps , the top of the shaft MUST be cut off before installing the capital , unlike the Option Two caps ( pages 11- 12 ). For simplicity , most installers choose to trim the shaft flush at the top of the neck ring molded in the shaft . For architecturally correct installations , if the capital is Roman Ionic , Greek Erectheum or Scamozzi , the installer may choose to trim the shaft at the top of the flat ring ( fillet ) directly below the neck ring . ( Pricing tables on page 8 show the height adjustment of the assembled column based on the simpler trimming at the neck ring . For architecturally trimmed columns , the overall height of the column would be reduced by the thickness of the neck ring that is being removed .)
DO NOT TRIM THE TOP OF THE SHAFT if you are using a COMPOSITE capital . The plug attaches to the neck of the column shaft , and will be too short if the shaft is trimmed .
The sleeve of the cap or the plug should be screwed to the column shaft . For composite plaster caps , the cap should also be screwed to the plug . And the top of the caps should be screwed to the ceiling / soffit .
Plug ( similar to above ) will be attached to shaft neck to achieve total height required Sh aft . Plug m + uneck st bmust e be trimmed to 1 / t8 r" im taller mthan e dcapital t o 1 so / plug 8 " + neck will carry
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When attaching Poly / Resin caps or the FRP plugs to the shaft , or attaching the caps to the ceiling / soffit or plug , always pre-drill and countersink holes , and use screws that won ' t rust .