PLENTY SUMMER 2020 | Page 31

along Seneca Creek, Hunt View Riding Academy provides a thorough education for beginner riders all the way up to people who are interested in understanding what it takes to own and care for a horse. In fact, the Hunt View staff has helped many members of the community go from first time riders to being confident horse owners. The family, along with talented instructors Catherine Woodard and Marie Demeulenaere, share their in-depth knowledge about horse health and care, and train students in horsemanship and riding skills in a relaxed family friendly atmosphere. “One hundred years ago in the US and around the world, our grandparent’s generation possessed this knowledge. Our horsemanship skills and teaching methods come from years of experience and a combination of wisdom passed down from traditions found in Argentina, Scotland, Colombia, France and the US,” says Alberto. “Our riding instructors believe that teaching with a kind, gentle and no pressure approach is the most effective way to instill riding skills and the love for horses in a student.” Sarah and Alex Sanchez, a local Bethesda couple, are one such success story. First-time riders, they began their training under the direction of Catherine Woodard with weekly lessons. As the months rolled by and their enjoyment, knowledge and skill increased, they were inspired to become horse owners and decided to board their first horse, an elegant paint quarter horse named Haley, at Hunt View. Under the guidance of Alberto and staff, the Sanchezes developed important horsemanship and care experience. Soon they rescued their second horse, Winter, a gray majestic Percheron, a powerful, agile and docile breed of draft horses. It is a source of genuine satisfaction for Alberto to see the couple caring and riding their horses confidently around the farm. “Watching Sara and Alex as well as countless other students successfully move through our lesson program with their horses plenty I summer growing 2020 31