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Happy Trails Start Here For Alberto paddock. “When Gamboa, ensuring we rescued her she his horses live a life was underweight as close as possible and apprehensive to what nature intended is a source of humans. Her hooves interacting with pride and makes for were overgrown. It a happy herd. “Our took us two whole horses spend most days to convince her of their time in the to enter the horse fields grazing with trailer so we could their herd friends. by Linda Gamboa transport her. Once Only when they she arrived at the come in for their farm, we focused on daily health check, have grain, or gaining her trust through caring participate in lessons do they come for her. Our horses are in training for about six months before to the coral,” explains Alberto as he sips his maté, a traditional herbal they are introduced to the riding program we have developed. tea drink favored by the gauchos in the Pampas of Argentina. During that time we focus on the Alberto, his wife Linda, daughter Gabriella and son Santiago bringing each horse back to excel- horse-human bond; we work on share a passion for horses and are lent health, and finally we work on all instructors at Hunt View Riding riding training.” Academy. Alberto, its owner and Alberto adds as he inspects director, is adamant about giving Cielo’s hooves, “Many people have horses a second chance and has the impression that when we rescued most of the horses in their rescue a horse we are simply helping a horse, but the reality is that riding program. Standing next to a blue-eyed cremello Welsh pony horses rescue us. They teach us to named Cielo, he explains why live in the moment, to be patient, rescuing is so important for the to love unconditionally, to appreciate a gentle gesture. Horses do local horse community. “Some horses, because of different life more for us than we do for them.” circumstances, are abandoned or Alberto walks over to another neglected. Cielo is a good example, horse, a muscular spotted red roan and she is one of our best lesson Appaloosa. The white spots on his horses today.” coat resemble patches of snow. A few years back, Cielo’s “Every one of our horses has a owner could no longer care for her story of noble perseverance in the and she was left behind in a dirt face of challenging odds.” He explains that the Appaloosa is named Achilles. Much like the greatest warrior in Homer’s Iliad, Achilles is a very strong horse with a particular weakness. ”Achilles is one of my favorite horses on the farm. He is my personal horse and is not in our lessons program. When we ride together we become a team. He gets excited when he feels the saddle being placed on his back because he knows I will become his eyes when we ride, for he is blind.” Sadly, when Achilles lost his eyesight he was abandoned, and our staff at Hunt View Riding Academy has cared for him ever since. He has become a confident, gentle and loyal horse.” Located on 100 beautiful acres 30 plenty I Summer growing 2020