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Plenty summer growing season • 2020 FEATURES 4 A Place with Purpose The joy and promise of the Ag Reserve by caroline taylor 8 A Regenerative Renaissance A vibrant vision for Linden Farm by ellen gordon 18 Bluebird Farmstead Growing food, home, and family by bobby and allison djaden 21 The Plight of Pollinators We can all be part of the solution by pamela boe 27 Food Responders Innovation, collaboration and determination sparked in the MoCo Made community by catherine nardi 30 Happy Trails Start Here Horses get a second chance at Hunt View Riding Academy by linda gamboa 33 Taking Development Pressure Off the Ag Reserve Monorail: A solution whose time has come? by robert eisinger DEPARTMENTS 13 Rustic Roads & Waterways Revive the Sunday Drive by jacqueline arnold 16 Shop the Reserve 36 From the Ground Up The Million Acre Challenge by amanda cather 39 Open Space Nature and the New Normal by jennifer scully 43 Creative Enterprise A Time for Ingenuity by wib middleton 46 Voices of the Reserve The Other Dimension of the Ag Reserve by the fair access committee 48 Food for Thought Hemp 101 by simon arendt 50 Find Your Local Farm Market publisher i managing editor & design Jane Perini publisher i staff writer & photographer Wib Middleton PLENTY, Summer Growing Issue 2020. Plenty is published three times a year by Thunder Mountain Design, 14100 Berryville Rd, Germantown, MD 20874. It is distributed free of charge in many Montgomery County, MD locations as well as a growing number of locations in the Frederick area. © 2020 by Thunder Mountain Design. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. • • 301.527.2295