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Julie and lisa the day was just about us and our little family. My best friend of 31 years spent the morning with me in my suite, just eating breakfast, jamming out to songs from our past, drinking mimosas, and helping me get dressed. lisa’s sister and her wife spent the morning doing the same things with her in her suite, eating, drinking and laughing. My mom was also very helpful, bounding back and forth between the suites doing pretty much anything and everything including making sure the boys were dressed and ready to go. When all was done, she even finished off our mimosas! We held our reception at The House of Blues at disney springs, in a private room with a brunch buffet. it was perfect! We had a playlist of our favourite songs playing in the background and didn’t plan to dance, but we couldn’t help 88 » pink weddings magazine ourselves when eva Cassidy’s You Take My Breath Away came on. We had a cake delivered from Party Flavors in Orlando and as we cut it, i promptly dropped it on the floor. We had to laugh about that too. i think our guests really loved our day. They talked a lot about our vows, they thought our ceremony was cute, and they enjoyed laughing along with us. lisa and i pretty much giggled though our entire ceremony. We laughed during our vows, we laughed as we spilled a lot of our sand during our sand ceremony, we laughed when a half-naked man ran across the front of our ceremony and yelled ‘excuse me’ just as we were exchanging rings, and we laughed when lisa’s ring wouldn’t go onto her finger as if she was scared to be married. Our guests seemed to enjoy that laughter and love that lisa