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Julie and lisa I think our guests really loved our day. They talked a lot about our vows and they enjoyed laughing along. Lisa and I pretty much giggled though our entire ceremony. out to be so beautiful! lisa wore a gray vested suit – made by my mom, so it fitted her like a glove. Bespoke suits can be very expensive, so we were very lucky that my mom was able to accomplish this. We wrote our own vows. We are not necessarily a typical couple, so we didn’t want our vows to be typical. lisa actually based hers on the Plain White T’s song 1234. she knows i can’t stand songs that count, and she is an intentional self-proclaimed ‘button pusher’. so in her true style, she wrote her vows to be sweet and push my buttons at the same time. it was very cute, and our family and friends were counting along with her by the end. We loved how her vows became interactive! i made my vows as a numbered list of promises that i knew i could actually keep forever. lisa actually lOVes numbered lists, and i am a pleaser! i promised things like always giving her all of the yellow skittles, but only some of the purples. i promised to always be her shoulder to lean on and a safe space for her secrets. i promised to always read her thoughts and only occasionally read her phone. and i promised to always make sure i wasn’t hungry before i lost my temper with her. Our vows described our relationship perfectly – silly and honest, but so in love. We didn’t have a traditional wedding party. lisa walked down the aisle alone and my two sons, who were nine and eight at the time, walked me down the aisle. We loved that pink weddings magazine » 87