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AmAndA And Beth The feedback we had was spectacular! Many said they had never ever been to a wedding so relaxed, comfortable and fun. Many commented on how unique it was, saying that they especially liked that we did not put a table plan in place. Our guests took time out to introduce and mix despite many of them not knowing one another beforehand – and this was evident when we looked at the ‘photo-booth’ pictures! We actually had a lot of people suggest we do wedding/party planning in the future, and many asking us to make this an annual thing. It felt absolutely terrific on the day – and good to see everything work out. Beth and I are super-productive in work, but outside hours we are pretty chilled. My bridesmaids were worried that our planning was almost too relaxed, but we got there! It felt good to do it ourselves – it wouldn’t have felt as satisfying, had we had everything organised for us. Hearing such positive feedback was really affirming. It’s hard to name the high points as we loved all of it! We like thinking back to the part where our guests had left the island and we held back to get some pictures with the lighthouse in the distance. We hopped back into the classic VW campervan (provided by Canny Campers), and while sipping champers and looking at one another there was such a huge sense of inner calm, joy and utter love. It was honestly like a fairytale. Dancing the night away with those we love and care for was so much fun, we were all on such a high and didn’t want the day to end! 12 » pink weddings magazine We’d say to other couples, make it relevant to you both. It’s your special day, therefore no one else can make it any more fitting than you. Pick the venue you want, and the outfit, theme and decor of your choice. This is what makes it unique. Invite who you really want there. If you have small capacity, think of the people who’ve made a significant difference in your lives and touched your hearts (it sounds cheesy but it helps). Things come together bit by bit – keep this in mind and there will be an inner calm when planning. Our wedding photographers were fantastic and blended in so well. Our guests loved them, as did we. We felt truly blessed to have everyone with us to celebrate our magical day. JPRShah Photography, www.jprshah-