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Wh ess, mark rs pers is the ilers dees ome g to thei should try that radigm ith best vation to tips with il state retail busin inno the to atten cust PRA accordin reta in the coun is a pa and in that liers in his in tor tical data esse to give tment gy ted s. ay’s reta red the He said supp about ue trea give prac There technolo tda gathered busin on d tod cur list talke ce, and ou e retail experiences. edition event and them uniq ver oc intelligen Vic Tria it is respectiv zon Web the NRCE 26th ma e y in be h eva d nge a two-day So and give has ne ay, ledg zing ed t and Hea while Ama open s. agine , their on bal tec friends t reim Glo nth ed the cting and analy nd tod know can Presiden generation; Jesu l s shar Vega tha mo ng to be in the or they t Joh colle the tre weeks a pace T Alpha First Vice of easi gelis al on how l of the next Evan Jasp omized ays try gm bu goa e ver shi t ft at impo the rtanc nology PLD vation on the tices of and cust consumers as ate reta Tech s. il prac y, with adi tal Inno hasis pan onalized next few that we is alw y. Wh the new, histor par ld treat emp a com omers pers uld their need d of Digi ing to shou with the ive the Hea sho re in lers in cust in ices n to give ed The someth occurr ions outdated Serv t according omers. that retai imperat ut for innovatio data the cust es. He said unique treatmen er ” addit may ve, ney of be ko has nev ts for rienc jour ew d about is poin loo “n expe them talke it ser ay, se nd tod the Vic Tria and give Web s. So, some pain e, the friends tre people we t and Head n; while Amazon or t month try to be on the the Presiden the ratio eks iden same tim nt to we ) Pres shared a First Vice the next gene on (PRA al Johl at the t few easing always PLDT Alph nex Associati tices of vation Jasp with the goal of be rel ne eva that we new, but uld Retailers . , retail prac of Digital Inno ing tive the pany ippi era eth sho said Phil Head imp the com ns som rie Ong and rs. Services innovation in kout for “new” additio Rosema custome beauty of genuine care of the journey “Having the loo ts for the both the and experience for serve, poin witnessed e, these excellent service ple we some pain t technology in providing wonderful the potential of combining same tim t to the peo Presiden how will help n (PRA) innovation. This customer, I realized van of service and global be rele e Retailers Associatio 26th NRCE powerful,” she added. the Filipino brand Reimagined” the and become more and Philippin Ong said. ith the theme “Retail our industry flourish market research e in retail business, retail a hub of Rosemari gathered the best n of retailers and innovation to create attendees d trade associatio technology and to and tips e, annually. recognize the is NRCE practical intelligenc PRA event and give that organizes the retail businesses. knowledge in a two-day suppliers in the country reimagine their respective on how they can retail state 9 ER 201 QUART W 2019 RTER R 2019 3rd QUA 3rd QUARTE Feature U S S S U U S S JE J S E JE EGA GA ity Feature stainabil The su hangers: tainability game-c dy Th too e ? sus hangers: u rea game-c dy too? Feature Are yo rea Are you y 2019 The sustainabilit NRCE changers: game- 2019 on NRCE Are you ready too? nt Down What We tail Industry's wn on Do nt t? Re Ev at en We Wh ustry's 2019 Biggest NRCE Retail Ind Eve nt? t Big n ges Colum What Went Down on Special n ry's Indust e in ecial Retail Colum onlin Sp t Event? Going es Bigges pin ilip line in the Ph Going on pines n the Philip V V V E EGA ital the Dig th un gi i tal am Di Surfing Su at n Ts e the ng io al ami Digit Tsun m rfi ng Surfi ry rmation Transfor Tr sfo ami st sform du ation In an il stry Tsun Tran ta in Re tail In il du Re Reta stry in Indu 3 e pag in page 3 Story on W Special Colum that gm shift in a pace There is a paradi ver ed in history. Whate has never occurr in the may be outdated the trend today, is or months. So, it next few weeks try to be on always we imperative that but at the something new, for t lookou the should “new” additions same time, these we serve, the people President be relevant to Association (PRA) Going online in the Philippines Don't miss out an issue. NEW W FORMAT NE FORMAT NEW ons municati f Com ications r and Chie Web f Commun Founde zon Chie aclang e Ama and CX s; whil Founder Web aclang Cognitive for crisi Amazon cations nce for Communi Geis d lerm g Chief ; while CX crisis g in adva Geislerma clang ut Founder for and innovatin ment Lead lyst Cognitive preparin Partner Seg advanced d abo il Ana Lead for Reta vating Web ent aring in gear e talke t inno Amazon prep Segm while Services Simon Burk er yst crisis; Tofu abou for d Partn and CX ce; ices in advanced e talke ntry. for Retail Anal preparing Cognitive Serv (ASEAN) Experien Tofugear Segment Simon Burk er and Lead the e; cou in Services (ASEAN) Partner iler rienc Custom about innovating try. reta talked Expe r Burke coun ome Simon Analyst (ASEAN) next Retail Cust top ler in the Tofugear and retai ome the Customer Experience; top next can bec the the me : beco bal can glo in the country. next top retailer : the local to can become the list on today’s Global tech evange the NRCE 26th edition Jesus Vega opened Technology Evangelist collecting and analyzing the importance of customized with emphasis on personalized and s as data to give customers retailers should treat consumer needs. said that according to their experiences. He them unique treatment friends and give about Head Vic Tria talked Web Vice President and n; while Amazon PLDT Alpha First of the next generatio Johl shared the the retail practices Jaspal Digital Innovation goal of easing Services Head of company, with the the in journey of innovation . for the customers some pain points SUBSCRIBE NOW! Philippine Retailers Rosemarie Ong said. FORMAT Story on Story on page 3 W Geislerm Yes , we want to subscribe for 2020! bal is of From l to glo orphos From loca to is of the global: metam local orphos ta From metam g Regat orphosis of ketin metam f Mar atta Reg ABC Chie Regatta Chief Marketing Golden with of sions en ABC mation Gold discus influencers transfor of Marketing panel h ABC Chief egrown Golden inspiring a hom s and ern formation Lively ions wit trans as mod uss ion wn leader cers inspi al ring a homegro of Regatta now a glob el disc generat pan as ation modern business Lively of influen to transform with next Clau dio and d. tta Rega inspiring brand ear bran a global ussion n now Toby ers Store, Hans homegrow ss ls, lead ration lively disc ntia brand as to a SN ine Regatta leisurew brand. Esse l Book bus with a of Belo next gene of WG , with with now ar a global modern Nationa Furn to rewe iture dio leisu 1 ended brand st from s ssion adilla of lively discu Belo-Pitt the Toby Clau Store, Hans Speciali The Day s, they r brand. from WGSN how a of Blim shar ed ntial with Trend Cristalle dra Ramos-P d Lim opened on with ions k leisurewea the ers ialist y Esse gory discuss Clar Belo uss nal Book iture, with ende lead Xan Day The Gre 1 Lively panel d Spec Natio a talk ed the or. of e -Pitt Tren Charlie Sports, The erat open WGSN they of disc Belo cers nt issu adilla s Furn , and Sam the alle mod day with Clark from influen how Toby’s SM-EDD they os-P ers lie look and the and Specialist as busines a talk on d on importa ers sum Char leaders second Lim of Blim shared how ra s Ram Trend III Crist ers to of ness lead con with ory also Xand Jr. ano sum busi day stan the ts, that She issue a rs look Sori con ss nd opened y. Clark ng Sam Greg erator. 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III as the es g moderato your r whe talke and such e of the exce including mar Pep across mbe r gapore) on som Ene Zebr gers discuss Soriano Youn de t rge they thei (Sin ee a ilers reme tips ld and how inclu for Enrique and blog ds Geo Prof. reta , Jako De Kayc d abou enc business Mintel look brand. ers shou ons ease while ing the your , and g Lead apore) Elysh patr gers involved Panelists as Joyce Pring across Asia, ge Pepes of talke eles in t bran ide getting excellent erat . or. lers eting el (Sing to prov the and influ wha Ang Marketin top vlog with on mod forward- tions Mint mark ’s started family. about some ns ease rs ing retai Dems within tips the gers such kou ee Lead Geor t Enerva, as the look tline matters Solu country business ies e. Young uz their patro s Technolog rs for ) Elysha eting talked fron ard- gave Magaru, and blog the ide Kayc ence Gap (Singapore brea Retail Mark Zebra the forw Mintel while e in stor influ Ace n, Rod a CEO ring les, and s to prov vloggers s even t is across Asia, n . at Apto Solutions ce il whil erator. retailers vatio Pepes oking featured e Ange the ooz country’s top aru, frontliner talked about Leo apal Reta empowe r forward-lo Dem experien il Inno in store George as h mod with ring the s gave Lead z t whic Blog Mag while ease main stag Gapu engaging e while stores patrons tal and excellent for Reta , Rod the t rienc custome Retail Solutions empowe Marketing n at Apto Spotligh r t when Digi remembe ut the breakout Leon iden should the the CEO expe provide to the Retail Ace brands -by-side . t is of d abo Pres some oza as es in il Innovatio while on what ome arke and include tips Side the r frontliners even Vice ing apalo il t talke bed ectively erm . Panelists s for Reta the cust strategi Ben empower De red h featu stage Blog dub Amp Sup marketing resp d, the Jako tal store. their 2 store in the whic iden ion Pring, on ut for main t s Bair while digi e Vice Joyce ed Day such as sess abo s in the ch Pres ning egie influencer abou Nikki and the Coa ples of experienc 1 side il Spotlight and customer Digital and -by- bloggers specializ Side il talked gave sam ience , the in lear al strat as Reta Enerva, ket with for Day i Baird topics top vloggers rosc Aptos t the Kaycee rmar country’s ienc real life Nikk of e digit Retail h Ben Amp at abou dubbed and on Innovation ectively. les mation Dems rosc President Supe ified Neu g life for ing sfor samp neu session Angeles, Magaru, nce Coac in learn at the r. Day 2 resp Rod tran Leon, ialize moderato usin US-Cert Nikki of Baird, real the Vice the d ed as nce stores while tur Neuroscie s spec in the rs. ed digital Ace nce Day 1 and oscie strategies topic Gapuz ome ertifi h fea of Blogapalooza CEO importa real ation for US-C samples of cust using neur Ben Ampil talked about the ces life Coach retail tec form rtance of nce is the breakout omers. the d at the preferen ed Neuroscie impo Fresh Side-by-s trans main stage event feature Expo US-Certifi the o in learning about es of cust h which es Asia featured y e of renc Asia ide Exp using neuroscience tec prefe Retail il Spotlight rs res as reta importanc , the Stor and Compan dubbed bito Sto nce . Digital session for sh sen ket fere Fre Niel preferenc o exhi es of customers Supermar " from d on pany Exp e Director the con Expo specialize iling topics en Com tor for Asi reta a Lead 2 respectively. Executiv Insights plement Sto Niels res Stores Asia for al Day 1 and Day ation Direc r for glob To com ce, the itors transform "tools Shoppe Executive cial exhib Company conf & eren ling" hts Lead Nielsen the erce Artifi from n Navalta, featured omm ent per Insig ign, for plem al s, E-C Lou-An the Director at and e Des d retai Real glob tion Executive To com on the Shop Stor of Navalta, feature & for Solu tech Ann "too ngs ls Lead erat focused Retail retail p red Lou- ion mercial ditional Fresh rce & Shopper ng gen Insights Sho Fitti keting, Com Z, on the such as erce, featu Artificial -tra mme sed Gen , E-Co upcomi Non Expo elop focu ration of Navalta, Design, Asia omm tions Lou-Ann tal Mar ers—the Real al gene M-C Stores il Solu ers, ming Z, visu gs & Store merc Dev ial and nce, Digi Web consum upco are as Reta the age Fittin and on he Gen al Asia Expo focused , Stor ers, Com , Shop Stores Intellige elop such s, , and she said cons e, the tion ices umers—t erce n of are visual -tradition tic, and conferenc who upcoming the Dev l Serv nt omm Solu eting exhibitors te compleme al Mark rs, Non M-C s, artis generatio ncia HR , To said Esta from Digit lope ture Fina but she arch ce, retailing" ne, Gen Z, tic, and crea consumer global who for ligen Rese Web Deve Storage and ertising, "tools ket Intel ys onli s—the rs, rs. , artis Adv featured othe lope tures ng but visual are alwa she Deve city. tion, Mar crea are Services, the Solutions, and said ns e amo Estat who enti s ys online, & in , HR Distribu Locatio Financial rce alwa arch and crave auth Design are Sale rtising, E-Comme il biggest Solutions, oard as Retail et Rese Artificial Adve enticity. creatures, artistic, rs. such Billb is the Design, Mark ing reta othe & Store on, h C e auth ng but Malherbe runn Fittings Sales crav , whic ibuti Shop online, amo est erce, always for APA Distr and 0 Real 3,00 are Expo Design ial tions long M-Comm ctor the Commerc Asia erbe , than the Loca he in Dire of Marketing Malh ty. oard more istop Digital Stores e, Billb authentici one biggest l crave Chr for APAC The the tional Intelligenc drawn whic s, Non-tradi and is s, Web h il is and ing retai Region about tor Sales stophe , has Developer Direc , reta the ippines Developer est runn 0 talked Design Expo in Asia s Asia Malherbe Phil from and Estate Chri long oul 3,00 Storage ers on expo Ren than Services, one of the mak Store APAC e d about liers’ g, Financial The and ision Director for Regi n more e l and supp Advertisin talke dec ul in stor es and is HR Solutions, has draw the e Reno do retai ppin Research, ors and n, Phili Market Christoph in Asia, also from Region can took plac visit Distributio stries. liers’ expo others. agement do in store il ers retailers talked mak ted indu Locations in reta supp among Renoul rove eng about rela ns sion Billboard Hall. deci ent vatio e lers can to imp rs and st inno s, whil retai ove engagem visito s. e the Expo the late strie insid took place is the biggest in impr and sale int Lab which to in store while Syst ed indu on the relat do ems Expo, retail also retail Talk retailers can in The s Stores il Asia Learning running Hall. & sales, nt Systems Checkpo iden engageme vations t and Reta s and is one of the longest k nt t inno the Expo 3,000 at the to improve e than Mar Pres Philippine lates kpoi more insid the ctor Vice on has drawn Chec in Asia, t & while g Dire ning Lab sales, and agin suppliers’ expo Talks il Lear from the retail and the Presiden tor Mark Man Vice makers ed Systems at the Reta Checkpoin g Direc and visitors and decision tle shar t Man agin Data Gen . nce of & le shared the President Vice related industries importa Director Mark e of Data and retail. Gent rtanc Managing also took place RFID in impo innovations in retail Gentle shared the in retail. Hall. Talks on the latest RFID and Lab inside the Expo importance of Data at the Retail Learning 4 issues for only Php600.00 + FREE link on Digital Copy Authorized by: Signature: Position: Company: Mailing Address: Telephone No.: Fax: Email: *Fax this reservation form to: 8636-0825 or scan and email to: on or before JANUARY 30, 2020. RFID in retail. Fax: (632) 8635-0825 Email: TO: PHILIPPINE RETAILERS ASSOCIATION Yes, we are interested to ADVERTISE in your magazine. Please reserve a slot for us. Please reserve: (check the box) Description PRA Member Rate Non-Member Rate Cover Feature Company feature in front cover and two pages allocation for a feature story to be written by PRA (1 page can be used for Ad if the company prefers), total of 3 pages including magazine cover 8.5 X 11” Php 50,000.00 Php 55,000.00 Advertorial 2-page centerspread Full color ad, submit High resolution final art to PRA Php 40,000.00 Php 45,000.00 Outside back Cover Inside Front Cover First Flyleaf Full color, full page Ad (8.5” x 11”) Php 35,000.00 Php40,000.00 Inside Back Cover Full color, full page Ad (8.5” x 11”) Php 32,000.00 Php 35,000.00 Full page Ad Full color Ad (page to be determined by PRA) (8.5” x 11”) Php 25,000.00 Php 28,000.00 Q1 2020 ISSUES Q2 Q3 Q4 Signature: Authorized by: Position: Company: Mailing Address: Telephone No.: Fax: • Please provide high resolution photo/s for the cover page • Only files in jpg/pdf.psd format will be accepted thru email or CD • Please make check payable to PHILIPPINE RETAILERS ASSOCIATION, INC. Email: RESERVE NOW! Fax this reservation form to: 8636-0825 or scan and email to: on or before JANUARY 15, 2020 (Q1)/ APRIL 15, 2020 (Q2)/ JULY 15, 2020 (Q3)/ OCTOBER 15, 2020 (Q4).