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Ceres Alabado was born on October 26 , 1923 in Manila , Philippines to Dr . Gervacio Santos Cuyugan and Jacinta Belza . She is a sister of Fides Asencio , and brothers Ruben Santos Cuyugan and the late Mario Santos-Cuyugan , and wife to the late Corban K . Alabado .
During her youth , she and her family lived in Lucena , of the Quezon province , where her father was the personal physician of the President of the Philippines at the time , President Manuel Quezon . Her mother always played the piano around her and her siblings , which eventually led Ceres to become a star pupil of Maestra Marcela Agoncillo .
She went on to college at the prestigious University of the Philippines , where she pioneered the study of children ’ s literature and most importantly , met the love of her life , Corban Alabado . She had a prolific career in teaching and education - she was an English teacher at Ateneo de Manila University and obtained her Master of Arts degree in Education with distinction at the Philippine Women ’ s University , where she eventually taught English . For 20 years , she taught education and literature in the universities in the Philippines . She wrote poetry , fiction , and non-fiction , both in English and Tagalog , published in the Philippines , Canada , and US , and stories for children and teenagers , for adult writers and for mothers . She authored , Beautiful Dreamer , which was once approved by the California Department of Education literature for 8th graders . She wrote a column for Rey Fortaleza ’ s “ The Philippine News Today ”.
She spread her passions across the Philippines , US , and Canada where she had her children , grandchildren , and great grandchildren . As she once said , “ Where the children are , I am ” she said not only for her children , but for helping others as well . She founded and was involved with various civic and advocacy organizations . She was the first awardee of the Philippine Board of Books for the Young and the Cultural Center of the Philippines , for pioneering in the promotion and development of a national children ’ s literature . She wrote a column “ For the Youth ” in the Philippine Canadian Times . She established a scholarship award called GAWAD for outstanding children ’ s literature . In the US , she was involved with PAWWA , or Philippine American Women Writers and Artists , and many more non-profit organizations . She also wrote a column in “ The Philippine News Today ”, a Filipino newspaper in British Columbia , Canada .
Being a Catholic was also an important aspect of her life . She lived a life of prayer and attended mass regularly wherever she happened to be .
Ceres passed away on October 2 , 2016 in South San Francisco , California at the age of 92 .
Ceres is survived by her 5 children Arion and daughter-in-law Dulce , Alan and daughter in law Mildred , Ariel and daughter-in-law Carol , Ana and son-in-law Tom Segovia , and Arrigo and daughter-in-law Maria Theresa ; grandchildren – Jibin , Francis , Larissa , Carminia , Jerome , Luke , Cristina , Iona , Vincent , Katrina and Christopher ; great grandchildren – Mia , Jonovan , Lance , Haley , Leia , Hannah , Brandon , Mason , Julia , Ashley , Bianca , and Harrison ; sibling Fides Asencio and Ruben Santos-Cuyugan ; and many family and friends in the US , Canada , and Philippines .

In Loving Memory of Ceres Alabado

October 16 - 31, 2016 PHILIPPINE ASIAN NEWS TODAY IMMIGRATION CORNER A17 Ceres Alabado was born on October 26, 1923 in Manila, Philippines to Dr. Gervacio Santos Cuyugan and Jacinta Belza. She is a sister of Fides Asencio, and brothers Ruben Santos Cuyugan and the late Mario Santos-Cuyugan, and wife to the late Corban K. Alabado. During her youth, she and her family lived in Lucena, of the Quezon province, where her father was the personal phy 6�6���bF�R&W6�FV�B�bF�R��Ɨ��W2BF�RF��R�&W6�FV�B��VV�VW�����W ���F�W"�v�2��VBF�R���&�V�B�W"�B�W"6�&Ɩ�w2�v��6�WfV�GV�ǒ�VB6W&W2F�&V6��R7F �W���b�W7G&�&6V�v��6�����6�RvV�B��F�6���VvRBF�R&W7F�v��W2V�fW'6�G��bF�R��Ɨ��W2�v�W&R6�R���VW&VBF�P�7GVG��b6���G&V�( �2ƗFW&GW&R�B��7B���'F�Fǒ��WBF�R��fR�b�W"ƖfR�6�&&��&F��6�R�B�&�Ɩf�26&VW"��FV6���r�BVGV6F����6�Rv2�V�vƗ6�FV6�W"BFV�V�FR���V�fW'6�G��@��'F��VB�W"�7FW"�b'G2FVw&VR��VGV6F���v�F�F�7F��7F���BF�R��Ɨ��Rv��V�( �2V�fW'6�G���v�W&R6�RWfV�GV�ǒFVv�BV�vƗ6��f�"#�V'2�6�RFVv�BVGV6F����BƗFW&GW&R��F�RV�fW'6�F�W0���F�R��Ɨ��W2�6�Rw&�FR�WG'��f�7F�����B����f�7F����&�F���V�vƗ6��BFv��r�V&Ɨ6�V@���F�R��Ɨ��W2�6�F��BU2��B7F�&�W2f�"6���G&V��BFVV�vW'2�f�"GV�Bw&�FW'2�Bf� ���F�W'2�6�RWF��&VB�&VWF�gV�G&V�W"�v��6�v2��6R&�fVB'�F�R6Ɩf�&�FW'F�V�B�`�VGV6F���ƗFW&GW&Rf�"�F�w&FW'2�6�Rw&�FR6��V��f�"&W�f�'F�W�( �2( �F�R��Ɨ��R�Ww0�F�F�( ��6�R7&VB�W"76���27&�72F�R��Ɨ��W2�U2��B6�Fv�W&R6�R�B�W"6���G&V���w&�F6���G&V���Bw&VBw&�F6���G&V��26�R��6R6�B�( �v�W&RF�R6���G&V�&R���( �6�R6�@���B��ǒf�"�W"6���G&V��'WBf�"�V���r�F�W'22vV���6�Rf�V�FVB�Bv2��f��fVBv�F�f&��W0�6�f�2�BGf�67��&v旦F���2�6�Rv2F�Rf�'7Bv&FVR�bF�R��Ɨ��R&�&B�b&���2f�"F�R��V�p��BF�R7V�GW&�6V�FW"�bF�R��Ɨ��W2�f�"���VW&��r��F�R&���F����BFWfV���V�B�b�F�����6���G&V�( �2ƗFW&GW&R�6�Rw&�FR6��V��( �f�"F�R��WF�( ���F�R��Ɨ��R6�F��F��W2�6�RW7F&Ɨ6�VB�66���'6��v&B6��VBttBf�"�WG7F�F��r6���G&V�( �2ƗFW&GW&R���F�RU2�6�Rv2��f��fVBv�F�ut���"��Ɨ��R�W&�6�v��V�w&�FW'2�B'F�7G2��B����&R����&�f�B�&v旦F���2�6�R�6�w&�FR�6��V����( �F�R��Ɨ��R�Ww2F�F�( ��f�Ɨ����Ww7W"��'&�F�6�6��V�&��6�F�&V��r6F��Ɩ2v2�6�����'F�B7V7B�b�W"ƖfR�6�RƗfVBƖfR�b&�W"�BGFV�FVB�70�&VwV�&ǒv�W&WfW"6�R�V�VBF�&R�6W&W276VBv����7F�&W""�#b��6�WF�6�g&�6�66��6Ɩf�&�BF�RvR�b�"�6W&W2�27W'f�fVB'��W"R6���G&V�&����BFVv�FW"֖���rGV�6R����BFVv�FW"���r֖�G&VB��&�V��BFVv�FW"֖���r6&�����B6��֖���rF��6Vv�f���B'&�v��BFVv�FW"֖���r�&��F�W&W6�w&�F6���G&V�( 2��&���g&�6�2��&�76�6&֖���W&��R��V�R�7&�7F�������f��6V�B��G&���@�6�&�7F��W"�w&VBw&�F6���G&V�( 2֖�����f����6R���W���V�������'&�F����6����VƖ�6��W���&��6��B�'&�6��6�&Ɩ�rf�FW26V�6���B'V&V�6�F�2�7W�Vv��B��f֖ǒ�Bg&�V�G2��F�P�U2�6�F��B��Ɨ��W2ࠥuur���ĕ��T4���Uu5D�D��4�Р�����f��p��V��'��`�6W&W2�&F�