Perspectives Volume 40, Number 1 - Page 11

Brings Hope of Higher Yields in Myanmar For the first time in the history of farming in Myanmar, a new tool that vastly improves agricultural practices will be readily available to the USAID-funded Fertilizer Sector Improvement (FSI) project areas. With the help of IFDC and USAID, two local entrepreneurs have obtained UDP briquetting machines from Bangladesh. These machines will be used to produce and sell the advanced fertilizer technology to rice farmers to produce higher yields. Rice makes up a majority of the nation’s agriculture industry and is its main commodity. Designed by scientists at IFDC, the briquetting machine takes prilled nitrogen fertilizer and compacts it into a 1- to 3-gram briquette of urea. This briquette is then placed by either hand or handheld applicator between every four rice plants 7-10 cm into the ground. The briquettes stay in the ground for the remainder of the season and supply all the necessary nutrients for the plant to grow. UDP was designed as an