Perspectives Volume 40, Number 1 | Page 10

GHG Research Garners Interest Interest in IFDC’s greenhouse gas (GHG) research continues to grow. Recently Dr. Upendra Singh presented findings at USAID Washington. In October, Dr. Yam Gaihre presented the research during the 4th International Rice Congress in Bangkok, Thailand, which was attended by over 2,000 delegates, rice scientists and industry players from all over the world. UDP Featured in Bangabandhu Agriculture Awards In December, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh awarded two farmers for outstanding work related to UDP technology at the Bangabandhu Agriculture Awards, Bangladesh’s most prestigious recognition in the agricultural sector. Prime Minister Hasina also spoke briefly on the benefits of UDP at the ceremony. AAPI Organizes Workshop for Seed Companies The AAPI project organized a workshop with private sector seed companies to encourage the use of fertilizer deep placement (FDP) in quality seed production, and to advocate for the promotion of FDP by seed retailers during seed marketing. Combining FDP with improved seeds can enhance crop production for farmers. TWCU Hosts Granular Fertilizers Production Training in Thailand USAID Representatives Visit AAPI Project Sites In November, the Training and Workshop Coordination Unit (TWCU) organized an international workshop on Granular Fertilizer Production in Bangkok, Thailand. Forty-eight industry professionals attended this year’s training. Participants gained knowledge of the fertilizer industry’s latest technologies and enjoyed the opportunity to network with peers. During the first half of November, two United States Agency for International Development (USAID) teams consisting of officials from Washington, D.C., and the Bangladesh Mission visited various Accelerating Agriculture Productivity Improvement (AAPI) project sites. Among other activities, the teams observed demonstration plot crop cuts and interacted with briquette shop owners as well as farmers who had adopted UDP. IFDC Magazine 10