Perkiomen Valley School District Annual Report 2017-18 Annual Report 2017-18 1 - Page 6

FUTURE READY PA INDEX p. 6 Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube State Adopts Future Ready PA Index The accountability system for Pennsylvania public schools has changed again, beginning with the report- ing of data from the 2017-18 school year. Under the fed- eral Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), public schools are now required to measure school performance in four categories: academic proficiency, academic prog- ress (growth), graduation rate and English Language Learner proficiency. This data has been typically reported online by the state through the release of School Performance Profiles (SPP) for each school. Schools would receive a number on a scale of 0 to 100, and the number was calculated based on a variety of factors such as the ones listed above. Pennsylvania has now moved to the Future Ready PA Index, which is meant to be a more “holistic” approach to measuring school performance. The Future Ready PA Index will include the measures of academic proficien- cy and growth, along with some new measures such as career readiness and chronic absenteeism. The idea is to recognize that students are more than standardized test scores by assessing a school’s perfor- mance on a variety of indicators. The following pages will show you how Perkiomen Valley School District performed in these various areas. You may also visit the state’s “dashboard” at to see how our schools are doing. The dashboard will show you how a particular school performed on assessment measures such as academic proficiency and growth, how a school performed with regard to “on-track mea- sures” such as English Language Learner proficiency and student attendance, and how a school performed with regard to “college and career” measures such as graduation rates and career standards benchmarks. The intent is for Pennsylvania schools to reduce by half the statewide percentage of students not meeting the targets of proficiency, language attainment or gradua- tion by the end of the 2029-30 school year. The majority of Perkiomen Valley School District schools met or exceeded targets for academic performance as measured by the Pennsylvania System of School As- sessment (PSSA), but this year’s results have shown that we have work to do in the area of promoting student academic growth from year to year. Academic growth is calculated using the PSSA as well as the Keystone Exams (see page 8). Taking a Look at the Dashboard Visitors to the Future Ready PA Index website will have the opportunity to search for schools and get a snapshot of their performance in three areas: as- sessment measures, on-track measures, and college/ career measures. Seen at left is the “dashboard” for Perkiomen Valley High School. Schools receive blue, green or red marks in each of the categories that are assessed indicating their progress toward this goal. Those who want to look closer at the numbers behind these marks can click on the “View All” button at the bot- tom to review more details.