Perkiomen Valley School District Annual Report 2017-18 Annual Report 2017-18 1 | Page 9

ON-TRACK MEASURES p. 9 PVSD Annual Report 2017-18 District Keeps Eye Toward 3rd & 7th Grade Benchmarks Gr. 3 English/Language Arts Percent Proficient/Advanced State Average = 63.5 PV Surrounding Districts Gr. 7 Math Percent Proficient/Advanced Perkiomen Valley has long had a goal of having all students reading on or above grade level by the conclusion of third grade. Students who cannot read on grade level by the end of third grade have a greater likelihood of struggling as they continue their studies. With the adoption of the Future Ready PA Index, the state has also placed an emphasis on this bench- mark by including it as an “on-track measure.” Another “on-track mea- sure” being monitored by the state is seventh-grade math proficiency. The charts on this page show how PV compares to surrounding districts with regard to these benchmarks. When accessing the Future Ready PA Index online, visitors will be able to see how much progress each PV school is making toward these on- track measures through the illustra- tion of a blue, green or red mark. Most of our schools have been des- ignated as exceeding performance standards for on-track measures. State Average = 38.9 PV Surrounding Districts Other on-track measures being monitored by the state include En- glish Language proficiency and attendance. No PV school has a large enough English Language Learner population for progress toward this measure to be calculated. Regular attendance is measured and schools receive a blue, green or red mark depending upon how they compare to the state performance target.